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Booked 109 times in the last week


Booked 109 times in the last week

Why Inflatable 5k?

Perks of booking with Let's Do This
The event experience
Where and when
Event summary
Route information
What's included
How to get there
Event day logistics
09:00 First Wave Start
14:00 Last Wave Start
*Entrants can choose their start wave at checkout.
Age Requirements
The Inflatable 5k is open to ages 5+, with children under 15 offered a discount at the time of booking.
All Children under the age of 16 must run with a participating adult on maximum of a 3:1 ratio.
Event Packs
You must collect your race pack on the day of the event.
Select Wave & FlexiWave Tickets
Entrants can choose different ticket types ​at checkout which mean the following:
  • Select your own wave means you choose the way you start from (£2.50pp)
  • Flexiwave: We'll choose your wave for you (no extra cost)
Because you will receive your event pack in the post you do not have to register on the day. Please write your emergency details on the back of your number, stick the number to your chest then you are ready to go.
Group Entry
Entrants can enter as a group for a discounted price. Use the form found on the event page to add each member of your team to the cart and the discount will be automatically applied to each entry when you have four or more runners in your cart.
Event Information
Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your start time.
Spectator Info
How do I choose my wave?
Entrants can choose their start wave at checkout. 'Select your own wave' means you choose the wave you start from (no price change), 'Flexiwave' means we'll choose your wave for you (£2.50 cheaper), and 'Any wave' means you get to decide your wave on the day (£5 more expensive).
How do I enter a group at the Inflatable 5k?
Use the form found on the event page to add each member of your team to the cart. The group discount will be automatically applied to each entry when you have four or more runners in your cart.
Can I add more people to my booking to the Inflatable 5k?
You will need to make a new booking. Group discounts are applied per booking only.
Can I run with a group of friends at the Inflatable 5k?
Yes, please make sure you all enter the same start wave.
Is the Inflatable 5k a race?
The Inflatable 5k is not a race. This is all about having fun & taking part with friends & family.
What should I wear to the Inflatable 5k?
Want to get dressed up for the run? Go for it! UK Running Events would recommend light running clothing, including a long sleeved top and good running shoes. A rain jacket is also a good idea if there are wet conditions on the day.
Can I bring my friends and family to watch the Inflatable 5k?
Yes, but why not encourage them to enter and give it a go?! Please do also share a car if possible as parking may be limited at the venue.
Is there parking available at the Inflatable 5k?
Parking is charged £5 per car, please have change ready for the parking marshals.
Can I skip sections on the course at the Inflatable 5k?
Yes, if you don't feel like doing a particular obstacle, just walk around it.
Where do I collect my pre-ordered merchandise for the Inflatable 5k?
Merchandise must be collected on the event day from the merchandise tent.
Is there an age limit at the Inflatable 5k?
The inflatable 5k is open for ages 5 and up. Children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by a participating adult at all times (max 3 children per 1 adult).
Can you buy a ticket on the day at the Inflatable 5k?
Yes. On the day entries are available and are subject to on the day pricing.
What is included in my entry for the Inflatable 5k?
The entry pack (sent in the post or you can collect on the day) includes your stick on bib number. At the finish everyone gets a medal, running socks, multifunctional headscarf and an eat natural bar.
Will I receive any additional information before the Inflatable 5k?
Yes, UK Running Events will send out a pre-event information pack via e-mail one week before the event. This will include confirmation of your entry, direction maps with parking and venue details, & your start time.
Can I leave my bag somewhere while I take part in the Inflatable 5k?
Yes, there will be a bag drop at the event centre which costs £3 per bag.
Are dogs allowed at the Inflatable 5k?
Sorry, dogs are not allowed at the events. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted.
I am pregnant, can I run in the Inflatable 5k?
The organisers would advise against it, however, it is your responsibility to contact a medical professional regarding this.
We are a charity, do you offer discounts?
Yes, discounts are available. Please contact the organiser for full information.
Is water provided on the course at the Inflatable 5k?
Yes, the event has a water station approximately halfway around the course.
Can I wear a gopro at the Inflatable 5k?
You are able to wear an action camera, yes. It is your own responsibility to keep this safe and undamaged.
What is FlexiWave?
The FlexiWave option offers any wave entry, selected by the organiser. Everyone in the same booking will be assigned the same wave time. This will be chosen for you one to two weeks before event day.
I can no longer attend, can I amend my booking?
You can transfer your booking to another person up to two weeks prior to the event, there is a £5 administration fee for this.
221 reviews
Some of the inflatables were close together we would have liked them spaced out more.
Great laugh and well organised
The entrance to the car park seemed very bad upon arrival as it was on the corner of a junction with three directions having cars that wanted to enter the field and people leaving the event trying to get by the entrance to get to the junction. Felt a little dangerous and like traffic was going to be frustrated into doing dangerous manouvers. Got bib numbers the week after the run. Seems a little bit of a waste for so many bib numbers to be sent that weren't going to be used. There was no extra info in the letter so I think it could save costs to either send via email so people can print out or have available on the day.I also don't know why car parking charges cannot be absorbed into the initial price of the run as none of the events seem to be accessible by public transport. The advice for long sleeves was not great given the temperature on the day.I do think at the end too many people were in the last inflatable at once so couldn't do a full run of it which meant i couldn't race against my friend to the finish. The other obstacles were better managed when lots of people headed to them.Overall I think other than a couple of participants who wanted to rush through (one I nearly stood on their hand by accident as they were trying to get by me) everyone was really awesome and having a great time.
I have been to the Inflatable 5k in London a few years back and I feel the event has dipped in quality. It seems as though they are extorting more and more money wherever possible from us, the consumer. The base price of the run alone is £37, you could pay extra to choose your start time, there's a booking fee, parking is separate, bag holding is another cost and right as you are about to pay, they throw pointless merchandise in your face. Why? Also compared to a small hamper of snacks and freebies at the end of the race, all we receive is a medal, neckscarf/bandana and socks. The event is reaching the point it is not good value for money. I'm not sure I would attend again.
Great fun! It was a lovely day out and really well put together. We did the course as father (5km) and son (2.5km) and it worked really nicely. Highly recommended for anyone, but especially for those who aren't necessarily sure about a running event - it's super inclusive, really easy to engage with, loads of fun, and people were taking the course at very much their own pace throughout. Thanks for a great day!
I did the course with my 6 year old son. It was such a brilliant experience for us both, and the early slots were quiet so I felt confident that my son was not at risk of being knocked over by other runners.
It was our first mother - daughter competition and we loved it. We definitely want to come to the next one.
I really enjoyed the event as we were 4 adults and 4 kids. I think paying £5 for parking was a bit steep for a couple of hours. But loved the fun run and staff were friendly. Would recommend to our friends.
Very fun day out for all ages
Did this for our Sten Party, definitely recommend we had such a laugh and the atmosphere were incredible.

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