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London to Cardiff

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Running Events in the United Kingdom
Running Events in the United Kingdom
Route description
Route description

Stages vary in distance, time of day, and terrain including on-road to off-road but all easily enough.

Most stages have a mixture of underfoot conditions with the majority being on hard surfaces which are easy to run on. The route is approximately 30% off road, 40% roads and country lanes, 20% pavements, 10% canal paths.


Teams can have 8-12 runners and up to 4 support staff. Runners can do as many or few individual stages as they like, including none.

Support staff help with driving and navigating to give runners time to relax. Support staff are NOT allowed to run any individual stages but can cycle alongside your runners.


The distances are surprisingly short - individual stages vary from 3 miles to 12 miles, with the whole route being split into 24 individual stages and 3 team stages. Some are tough, some super easy. Run the dawn stage with gorgeous countryside views, run a night stage in the dark across the Ridgeway Path, or across the stunning Severn Bridge.

There are ten short stages below 6 miles with the shortest being under 3 miles. There are ten stages between 6-10 miles and only four stages over 10 miles.

The 3 team stages are all below 2 miles, happening at the beginning, middle and end of the route. The majority of the team must be running these stages together.


Each stage begins and ends with a checkpoint, where you park up, grab food, nap, have hot coffee or bacon butties, have a wee and wonder where on earth your team-mate is. There is a peaceful calm, followed by madness as your teammate arrives. Stage times are recorded and the relay baton handed on to your next runner.

The Checkpoint Map provides an indication of roughly when the checkpoints are. The exact route changes every year due to roadworks and annual alterations to bridleways and footpaths and is confirmed 3 weeks before the start of the event.

For a full list of event rules please see:

Logistics and schedule

*Creating a Team*

To enter the event runners must create a team for £60. The event organiser will then be in contact to collect the rest of the payment and further information regarding the team.


Start times will vary from mid-day through to 7pm.

Kit List

As part of your entry fee your team will be provided with critical equipment. This includes GPS trackers, Survivor hoodies, water and a survival pack (snacks, wet wipes, towels, etc).​

​​Your team must bring:

  • A compass (which you have practised using)
  • Head torches (3 watt recommended for night running)
  • High visibility clothing for running at night or in twilight
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra water
  • Food – food and beverages will be on sale at certain checkpoint and teams should source their meals
  • Mobile phones – critical for keeping in contact with team members however mobile phones should not be used for navigation unless in an emergency

Optional extras could include:

  • Pillows and blankets
  • Spare trainers. Some stages can be very wet and muddy depending on weather conditions leading up to the event, and you may want to run your second stage in dry shoes.
  • Mountain bike. Teams often keep their runners company by cycling beside them. This can provide company and reassurance to tiring runners, is becoming more and more popular, and is within event rules. However, many stages are not traversable by bicycle.
How to get there

Twickenham TW2 7SX, UK

Get directionsExternalLink

Runners start in Twickenham at TW2 7SX and finish at Bute Park, Cardiff.


Most teams hire a large minibus or two small minibuses which promotes team spirit. Some teams often also use 2 or 3 cars.

Frequently asked questions
How do I sign up for the London to Cardiff?
Runners can nominate one member of their team to create a team. The event organiser will then be in contact to collect further information and payments.
Does everyone need to be at the start of the London to Cardiff?
Not everyone needs to be at the start or the finish, however your team must start and finish with the majority of your team. Team members can join along the route and leave along the route.
How much does the London to Cardiff cost?
Entrants will create a group here on-site and the event organiser will then be in contact to collect the rest of the payment.
Are their cutoff times at the London to Cardiff?
Each stage has a cut off time although these are very generous and the times vary by your start time. Runners will be asked to 'Leapfrog' not 'Go home'. Rather than it be “game over” you will be told to skip one, two or more stages and then continue as normal.
At what stages can you use a bike for the London to Cardiff?
Teams can use a bike on a stage. This must be pedal powered and cannot be electric. Please be aware some stages are very boggy or with lots of styles to cross and hence a support rider may be held up. The route summary show stages which are bike friendly and which aren’t. A team runner must be carrying the GPS baton and at no time should a cyclist carry the GPS baton.
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London to Cardiff
12:00pm Fri 16th Jul 2021
Event passed
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