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Mizuno Endure24 is a unique event in the running calendar, it mixes serious ultra-running with a 24 hour team relay race. Virtually anyone of any ability level can take part and enjoy a challenging but rewarding weekend of trail running.

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166 Reviews
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Richard F
"Fantastically organised event. I brought some old friends up to Leeds for a..."


M Cusworth-Yafai
"This event caters for all abilities. I ran with friend who claims to be a..."


Mark A
"This was my first Endure event and won't be my last. Sign posted and directed..."
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How to enter the Mizuno Endure24 – Leeds

  1. 24 Hours

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Mizuno Endure24 – Leeds route

The five mile race route through Bramham Park is very scenic, with marshal points and a support station.

This is a trail race and while we do check and improve the route, it is multi terrain, uneven, narrow in places and there are tree roots and trip hazards. Runners should adjust their speed and effort levels according to the weather conditions, the number of laps they are running, the terrain and the amount of natural light available.

What’s Included

Finisher's medal

Awards for top finishers

Buzzing race village, with a campsite and variety of food/drink options

Water stations

Raceday Logistics


Opening times:

1. Event gates open at 10.00am.
2. Gate 1 is the main entry point for all vehicles.
3. Vehicles arriving early will be queued in turn and held until 10.00am.
4. There is no access to the Race Village or camping on foot before 10.00am. Marking out space before 10.00am is not permitted. Don’t hide behind the trees – we can see you!


1. The solo/pairs area is for solos and pairs only, you can have one support crew member with you. The only reason we allow one vehicle is that some people use them to sleep in.
2. If you are solo and want to bring a large support crew or a family, please use team camping. Solos/pairs do not have to use the solo area if they prefer to be with team mates, it cannot be the other way around (we will be checking the solo area this year for non solo/pairs).
3. Be fair, solo and pairs need the space, please don’t try and get around the system by saying you are support if you are really a team or using a solo vehicle space if you are in a team.
4. Be sensible – please do not put large vehicles or very large tents in this area.
5. If you don’t need your vehicle in the solo area, don’t leave it in there. If you need to leave before 11:00am on Sunday, leave your car in the car park as the solo exit is closed until then.


1. You can pick up your race pack, t-shirts etc. at the help desk on arrival, make sure you know your correct team name and nominate someone to do it rather than have several people come and see us from the same team. Team lists can be found online.
2. Registration is open Friday 11.00am-8.30pm & Saturday 7.30am-11.30am.
3. Make sure you allocate the correct chip to each person. The chip pack number matches your race number. Your name is listed against your race number on the race pack. We cannot correct errors afterwards so be careful with this.
4. T-shirt size swaps: please leave this until after the race starts so you are not holding everyone else up.
5. Injured runner swaps: bring these in writing TEAM/Runner in/Runner out.
6. We cannot change team sizes, team names or swap runners between teams so please don’t ask.

***Don’t forget to pick up your RACE GUIDE BOOKLET at registration.***

Race Chips, Numbers, Exchange Bands & T-Shirts:

PLEASE NOTE that race numbers, timing chips, exchange bands and t-shirts will be issued at the registration desk in the race village from 11.00am on Friday.

1. Race numbers are worn on the front and they have a medical form on the back; please fill this in to help us identify you should a medical issue arise.
2. Timing chips are worn around the ankle, not the wrist. Please do not swap chips, as you will receive the wrong split times. We cannot rectify this afterwards. No chip will result in no split time.
3. Exchange bands: the runner on the course should be wearing the exchange band, these are handed over at the end of each lap. If you lose it, please ask for a replacement at the registration desk.
4. T-shirts: we will give you the sizes you ordered when registering, we may be able to swap sizes at the registration desk, please do this after the start of the race to allow us time to collect in the returns.


Solo Runners:

Solo runners start at 12.00pm, they then carry on running as many laps as they can for 24 hours. They may have support from crew in the race village but not on the route. They can stop for rests and food when they wish. Solo runners must always leave the course at the solo exit/entry point or you risk the timing system missing you. Always re- enter the course at the correct point or you risk disqualification.

Pairs & Teams:

Teams start at 12.00pm, they then carry on running as many laps as they can for 24 hours; each member of the team must complete at least one lap. You cannot substitute runners or use runners not registered in your team. Always leave the course at the exchange point or you risk the timing system missing you. Always enter the course at the exchange point or you risk disqualification.

Laps & Breaks:

You can take a break anytime you like but always leave/enter the course at the correct point. You can carry on and do more than one lap or hand over to your partner or team member. Only one member of a team must be on the course at any time. Team and solo runners do not have to have be on the route for the whole 24 hours. You can take a break and resume the race when you are ready. If you drop out, please come and let us know at the control room; if you have completed at least one lap, we will have a medal for you.

Awards & Medals:

Awards are given in the following categories:
• 1/2/3 - Large team male, female and mixed
• 1/2/3 - Small team male, female and mixed
• 1/2/3 - Pairs male, female and mixed
• 1/2/3 - Solo male and female
• 100-Mile Club t-shirts

We give one trophy to each team member of the first three teams in each category, including solo and pairs.

XXL fun teams are not eligible for awards, this is a just-for-fun category.

We give a special 100-Mile Club t-shirt to anyone completing the 100miles (inside 25 hours).

Medals are for people competing in the race. Please do not ask for medals for people not competing. To collect your medal, you will need to hand in your time chip at the help desk.

Water/Feed Station:

The water station is not like a half marathon water station with lots of volunteers handing out water as you pass by, the water will be available in cups but runners should collect it from the bar shelf. You will notice that as time goes on lots of people will stop at the drinks station for a chat or a rest, this is completely normal.

All we are supplying at the halfway feed station is water. We have limited amounts of nutritional product and gels, these may not be available all the time and they are really aimed at the solo runners although anyone in need can take them.

Kit List

We suggest you bring everything you have and buy more if you need it, prepare for every type of weather imaginable and bring plenty of spare kit. You need to change your kit regularly and have lots of warm clothing available especially at night. Even in good weather, the temperature can drop rapidly at night and there is a risk of hypothermia. Bring spare running shoes and thermals, hats and gloves regardless of how good the weather may be.

Please make sure you are wearing/carrying a head torch or hand torch or ideally both after 8.00pm on Saturday night until 6.00am on Sunday morning.


Endure24 is known for its amazing volunteers, if you are loud, enthusiastic and supportive this is the job for you! Volunteers work roughly six hour shifts and we supply shelter, food and all the equipment you need. We will give you one of our lovely tech t-shirts and the choice of either a £50 Marks & Spencer voucher or a free place in next year's race. If you are interested, more information can be found at: http://www.endure24.co.uk/event-info


Can my family and friends camp with me, and is there a cost?

The cost of entry includes camping for a supporter or partner. Families are welcome but please do not bring large numbers of non-runners as it puts pressure on the support resources around the campsite.

Can we bring a dog?

Ideally not but if there is no alternative then please keep your dog on a lead at all times, we are on a working farm and cannot risk allowing dogs to run loose. Please also ensure you clear up after your dog.

What support is allowed?

Solo runners may bring a support team to cook, support and encourage but they must not accompany them on the route. We are strict about this so please do not allow your support on the route.

Questions & answers

Get answers from our team or a member of our dedicated community.

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Mizuno Endure24 – Leeds weather forecast

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

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Mizuno Endure24 – Leeds reviews (166)

4.9 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • M

    Mark A

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    This was my first Endure event and won't be my last. Sign posted and directed at arrival to designated camping areas. Registration was efficient and friendly, the central area was like a big family festival, staff were very helpful and toilet/showering facilities were clean and separately drained of excess water. The route followed a track and was well balanced between flats, inclines and declines. This is a great event!
  • J

    Jackie k

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    Amazing, well organised and a lot of fun! Not an easy challenge but Marshall’s and other runners were lovely. Would recommend
  • G

    Gary S

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    A nice friendly event. I've been doing Endure 24 for a good few years now and will be back again next year .
  • M

    Marcus Bourne

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    Fantastic event, great atmosphere and facilities. I will be back again for another go next year. Many thanks for an awesome weekend.
  • Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    One of the best running experiences I’ve had. The whole weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday was so well organised. The people were great, the food was of a very high standard and the course was superb. Everyone should try this at least once. Like me, you’ll probably enjoy it so much you’ll have to do it again.
  • C

    Charlotte A

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    This is everything you could ask for from an endurance event, and more. Stunning course, brilliant organisation from registration to finish, and the most wonderful volunteers at every checkpoint, no matter what time of the night or day. I can’t praise it highly enough and can only say a heartfelt thank you to all those involved.
  • J

    Jody W

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    2nd year at Leeds, and another great one. The course is really nice, mainly trail with some gravel path but while there are hills nothing to soul destroying, so you can actually enjoy the surroundings. The event is fantastic, so friendly, and everyone out for a great time. Very family friendly, well organised, camping is easy for set up and break down. Showers were better this year as well.
    We will be back next year for sure!
  • T


    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    This is a fantastic event and a must for everyone’s calendar! The atmosphere is amazing and the event is really well organised.
  • M

    M Cusworth

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    This event caters for all abilities. I ran with friend who claims to be a non-runner. I run on a regularly basis. He clocked 6 laps and I did 10. Great support, fantastic DJs, great 24hrs. We’ll be back.
  • R

    Richard F

    Did the 24 Hours in 2019

    Fantastically organised event. I brought some old friends up to Leeds for a running reunion and was hoping it would not turn out to be some sort of nightmare weekend. Well the opposite happened. We all had a fantastic time and got out of it all that we expected and more. We all exceeded our goals. What a fantastic time we had. Signed up to next year already.