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Run LDN Victoria Park Spring 5k, 10k & Half Marathon

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The 10 km race will take place Victoria Park in London, a Flat, Fast course great for a fast time. A mixed ability race. All runners are welcome.

The race starts at 9:30am on 15th April 2018

Review summary

11 Reviews
  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere


Becky H
"This was a really painful race. After dropping our bags and warming up we got..."


Megan A
"This was a very poor race - I really encourage fellow runners to stay away and..."


"This half marathon was my first competitive run, I was looking forward to..."
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How to enter the Run LDN Victoria Park Spring 5k, 10k & Half Marathon

  1. Half Marathon

    Run 13.1mi
  2. 10k

    Run 10km
    Event passed
  3. 5k

    Run 5km

Run LDN Victoria Park Spring 5k, 10k & Half Marathon routes

There will be a race briefing at the start of each race, due to the course being a lapped course with multiple different races going on at the same time it is critical for runners to pay attention to the signing which corresponds to their individual race to ensure that they are running the correct distance for their event. In the interest of safety to yourself, other runners, pedestrians and our marshals, it is very important that instructions are listened to, and that if you are wearing headphones, your music is at a level that will allow you to hear instructions clearly.

Event Details

What’s Included


Baggage Drop


Race Photos

Raceday Logistics

Half Marathon – 10.15am

5k – 10.20am

10k – 10:25am
This is a great event for spectators with the lap being wide and open so you can see the race at many different points along the route.

If you have any questions about the race or about volunteering please do get in touch -

[email protected]
Where/ when do I receive my race pack?

You will receive your race pack on the day by bringing your confirmation e-mail and a form of ID to the registration desk.

What is in my race pack?

Your race number, 4x safety pins, your chip which is attached to your race number, a tag to attach to your bag should you be using the bag drop facility


What do I need to bring with me on the day?

Just your confirmation e-mail, a valid form of ID and your running kit.

Can I sign up more than one person at a time?

Yes you can but please ensure you fill out all relevant fields for each participant to ensure all runners receive a valid chip time.

What is the minimum age for your events?

The minimum age is 18 years old.

Run LDN Victoria Park Spring 5k, 10k & Half Marathon weather forecast

Light rain until afternoon, starting again overnight.

Predicted highs
Predicted lows
IconHigh chance of rain
IconModerate breeze possible, up to 17mph

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Run LDN Victoria Park Spring 5k, 10k & Half Marathon reviews (11)

2.2 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    This was a really painful race. After dropping our bags and warming up we got to the start in time to then be told it was being postponed by 40minutes.... we were already wet and cold so headed off on another warm up jog, about 15 minutes later we heard another announcement saying they were starting so we sprinted back! Not enough toilets, medal was awful
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    This was a very poor race - I really encourage fellow runners to stay away and not waste your money here!!! Having run 20+ half marathons, this was the most disappointing event I have seen. I echo all of the other reviews - the race was disorganised (long queues to pick up bib, even when arriving over an hour before the start time). Because of the long queues, the start was delayed which was very uncomfortable in cold, rainy weather. There weren't enough marshals/signs for the course, and as a result, some people ended up making wrong turns and running more or less than they should. In addition, while I appreciate it was a cold day and am grateful to the marshals who volunteered, they weren't very enthusiastic - they stopped handing out cups of water after my second lap (around the 7K point), and instead left all of the cups of water (filled 1/4 of the way) on a table. It is always hard to drink from a cup (vs. a bottle) when running, but having to stop and pick up plastic cups off a table made it even more difficult! The medal was cheap, and after finishing the race, we were given more plastic cups and had to pour some water for ourselves. What I am most disappointed about, however, is how Run Ldn has behaved after the race. They deleted their facebook account (I presume this was because of all of the poor reviews) and made an insincere apology, where they blamed the weather and staffing issues. Run Ldn, if the race doesn't go to plan, you have options - a genuine apology would work, or you could consider ways to rebuild trust (such as by offering customers a discounted entry to a future race). I am extremely disappointed, and would encourage all runners to avoid this organiser!
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    This half marathon was my first competitive run, I was looking forward to pushing myself in an iconic London park with a great atmosphere. Sadly, this wasnt the case. The race started 25 minutes late, so everyone had to wait in the cold rain, signposting along the route wasnt great and to make things even more disheartening, the organisers at the various marker points/water stations left before we had finished.
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    Porrly organised. Nobody was sent their bibs in the post which meant a 30-45 minute queue in the cold and the rain. Because of this the race started ~30mins late. The water was handed out in plastic cups which are impossible to drink from whilst running and hardly anyone threw them in bins, so the wind blew them all over the park and even out the park and down the road. The goody bag was a pretty cheap looking medal and a t-shirt and some advertising leaflets. Not even a banana and a bottle of water. There were some over priced food trucks nearby. Genuinely disappointed with the event even though I got a PB. Did the same exact run with Run Through a few months back and it was much better organised, just a few simple things that could have made it so much better. I'll try again in the summer as I wouldn't ever write something off from one bad experience but I really hope you make some changes
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    Poor organization: no route info until the race day, registration only on the race day with huge delays, (3 people giving numbers for a 1000 or so runners), which together with the bad weather made things really bad. Anyone could cheat, no check points at any point other than start-finish. Worst thing: plastic cups at the water station. Unacceptable. No refreshments at finish line, just a plastic bag with the cheapest medal, same for all distances, like the t-shirt. Absolute joke.
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    Poor organisation! The event organisers issued a statement after saying that they had unforeseen staffing issues on the day. Queue for registration well over 100m long (one desk only for half marathon) which meant that the race had to start 25 mins late. Route not very clear and distance markers wrong. Atmosphere v average - for the same entry fee at other events they have had a lot more going on e.g. stalls, massages, post-race snacks for runners, better medals, immediate chip time printing. Course itself was ok but quite a lot of other runners and pedestrians in the park.
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    Race ran later then scheduled, due to lack of volunteers/staff, this wouldnt have been a problem if it wasnt for the weather - which was terrible. Bag drop was organised and super quick, over crowding at the end meant I nearly missed out on the goodie bag/medal as I couldnt see where to collect it. Overall, I enjoyed the race and would go back!
  • Did the 10k in 2019

    Late start, confusing route. 10K turn around point not mapped out. Not enough people to register people in time and couldnt hear anything going on over speakers
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    The worst organised race I have ever been to and I have been to scores. There were so few staff that the registration and bagge queues meant the races had to be pushed back by 20 minutes to get everyone started. They therefore communicated new start times only for them then to set off the half marathon four minutes earlier than scheduled so there were a number of distraught runners who missed the start because they were still warming up. The martials were untrained and didn't have adequate signage, I saw a few people shouting asking for directions as it was a lapped course. Last but not least, they had water stations with cups of water - you cannot drink a cup of water when running, you need a bottle. Bins would have been good after the water station as there was rubbish everywhere - I assume this was picked up. I didn't hang around after...
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2019

    Didnt find the people along the course enthusiastic. Many times not even pointing and assuring where we were going.
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