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The August Bank Holiday Festival of Running

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  • Fri 28th - Mon 31st Aug 2020
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We have loved venturing into the Virtual race world and thank you to everyone who has joined us for our virtual races and challenges. With lockdown starting to ease and more opportunities to get out for a run, we wanted to bring you something exciting over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Whilst we still don't know when live races will resume, we are working towards a Covid-safe race environment - so when we're able to, we'll be ready to race! And this also means keeping our runners ‘Race Ready’!

We are excited to announce our NEW August Bank Holiday Virtual Running Festival over the weekend of 29th to 31st August 2020.

This event will have a race for everyone! With a range of distances for you to take part in, plus races for kids as well, and including, 20 Mile, Half Marathon, 10 Mile, 10k, 5k, 1 mile and 1k races.

Track your running progress - Perfect for all those who have taken part in a previous virtual race over lockdown – challenge yourself to see if you can beat your time or maybe try a longer distance this time?

With many of you preparing for your Autumn marathons, training is underway and you will be looking for some key race milestones as part of your race preparations. We have them covered and we'll support you every step of the way!
AND you will get the chance to add another amazing bespoke medal to your medal collection!

The race is a virtual running event, which means you can participate and complete the distance at any time within the event time frame in a location of your choice. You can take part anywhere in the world, including treadmill runs. You can run your chosen distance at any point over the three days of the Bank Holiday Weekend, starting from 09:00am on Saturday 29th August through to midnight Monday 31st August. All the results will be collated into a leader board and prizes awarded to overall winners and age category winners.

And if you haven’t joined us for a Virtual race yet, then you're missing out!!

The finish line

Let's welcome our most recent participants completing their race:

Finisher's GallerySee all 85 photos
Darryl Murphy ·M / 50 - 54
24 days ago
Icon00:58:28 ·10k
steph spencer
Victoria Henderson
Stephanie Towch
Nicholas Yoong
Recent finishersSee all 142 Finishers
Darryl Murphy
M 50 - 54
24 days ago
steph spencer
F 45 - 49
24 days ago
Victoria Henderson
F 45 - 49
24 days ago
Stephanie Towch
F 35 - 39
24 days ago
Jason Reeve
M 40 - 44
24 days ago
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What's Included?

Bespoke finishers medal

How to complete a Virtual Event

Participating in a virtual event means you can complete the distance at any time within the event timeframe in a location of your choice.
Here's what you need to do:


Preparing your virtual event

  • Secure your virtual spot in the event by booking your ticket
  • Plan your ideal route
    Make sure the route is at least the event length and as traffic free as possible
  • Download a distance tracking app
  • Ensure your phone and/or GPS watch is fully charged

During your event

  • Record your activity on a tracker and take a screenshot
    This can be either a phone or a GPS watch.
  • Complete your activity in the designated event completion timeframe
  • Make sure you go the event distance
    But don't worry if you go a bit further, we'll calculate your finish time.
  • Take a Finisher's Photo to share with your fellow finishers

Submitting your result

  • Head back to this event page to submit your results
    Make sure to submit your results within the event completion timeframe
  • Upload a screenshot of your activity tracker or GPS watch to verify your results
    You can still participate and submit results without this, but we won't be able to verify your results.
  • Provide your finish time and overall distance
    If you go further than the race distance, we'll adjust your time down to the correct distance based on your pace.
  • Share your Finisher's Photo on the Finish Line gallery
    Get featured on our Finish Line where you can celebrate your achievement and inspire others to get active.

Frequently asked questions

How do I record my activity?
To record your activity, you will need to download an activity tracking app that is able to track your distance and time. Popular apps include Strava, Nike Run Club, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper, and are available in the app store for free on your phone. For more details on our favourite tracking apps check out our blog post.
Are there time cutoffs for Virtual Events?
Virtual Events are fantastic in that they can be completed at any pace and location. The only restriction on how long you take is the event submission window, which is generally 48 hours, giving you lots of time to complete your event.
Can I go further than the race distance?
Yes, you can complete a distance further than what the event requires. All you need to do is input distance travelled and time, and we will adjust it down to the time it took to complete the event distance.
Can I take a break during my activity or do I have to do it without stopping?
In order to make the virtual experience as close to a physical event as possible, please submit your total elapsed time that it took to complete your chosen distance rather than total moving time. This will take into account any breaks or stops taken during completion, and mimic the experience of a physical event.
If offered, when will the post-race goodies be mailed?
Any race goodies or merchandise will be posted by the Event Organiser as soon as possible after the event. Please contact the Event Organiser if you have further enquiries about race swag.
Can I take part at any time of day?
You will find the event start time on the event page. Once the event starts, you can complete the event any time within the submission window. Make sure to upload your result and picture within the submission window to verify your results!
Have a question about this event? Ask our team member below and we'll get back to you. In the meantime, visit our Help Center

For more advice about virtual events, see our Virtual Event Handbook here.

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