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The Elements

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Find out how far you can push yourself both physically and mentally in this enthralling obstacle course. With multiple distances to choose from, there's a course for everyone and copious amounts of fun is guaranteed! The course is sure to promise a tonne of mud and crazy obstacles to overcome.
C-19 Plan
The Elements has confirmed that this event will be going ahead as planned on Friday 28th May 2021 in accordance with the COVID-19 safety measures. Learn more

How to enter the The Elements

  1. Infinity

    Run 12h
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  2. Earth

    Run 8km
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  3. Wind

    Run 16km
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  4. Water

    Run 24km
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  5. Fire

    Run 32km
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  6. Kids Race (Age 13-17)

    Run 8km
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The Elements routes

Earth - 8k

If you are new to obstacle course racing then this is the perfect distance to start you off. This is one lap of the 8k course and will be packed with obstacles and mental challenges for you to overcome.

Wind - 16k

Twice as hard as the Earth course, participants will have to complete 2 laps of the 8k course. This is for those willing to push themselves that bit harder with double the obstacles and double the distance.

Water - 24k

This is for those who want a challenge, and we mean a challenge! This will be three laps of the 8k course and this will be hard but triple the fun, This one might just burn your legs and you will be sore the next day.

Fire - 32k

This is most definitely not for everyone! This will be four laps of the 8k course and to even think about taking this on there must be something wrong with you! This will hurt, you may even cry, but if you do complete this then you will claim your spot on The Elements wall of fame and earn maximum respect from the Elements team.

Infinity - 12 hours

How many laps can you complete in 12 hours? 8am till 8pm. Keep going till you can't go anymore?

Event Details

  • Race photography
  • Limited edition race vest for Infinity entrants
  • Finisher's medal
  • New obstacles


08:00 Infinity Race Starts

09:00 Fire Race Starts

10:00 Water Race Starts

10:30 Kids Race Starts

11:00 Wind Start Wave 1 Starts

12:00 Wind Start Wave 2 Starts

13:00 Earth Start Wave 1 Starts

14:00 Earth Start Wave 2 Starts

15:00 Earth Start Wave 3 Starts

16:00 Earth Start Wave 4 Starts

Let's Do This recommend you arrive at least 1 hour before the beginning of your wave to register, pick up your race pack and soak up the atmosphere!

You will get will get may get cold....

Bring appropriate clothing for the run and don't forget a change of warm clothes for after!

Spectators are more than welcome!

If you are interested in marshalling please visit:

All marshals will be rewarded with free entry to the following years event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for The Elements?
The minimum age requirement is 18 years old, but there is no maximum age. However there is a kids race for kids between 13 and 17.
Do I have to complete all the obstacles at The Elements?
There will be a Marshall on every obstacle encouraging you to complete it, but if you can’t or you don’t feel like you can then by all means you can miss them out, on some of the obstacles you will be offered a forfeit instead.
Where can I find my race photos after The Elements?
All race photos will be uploaded to The Elements facebook page after the event.

Meet the organiser

The Elements is going to push you to your limits and beyond but most of all it’s going to bring the fun back to OCR. You will have 4 distances to choose from: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, all packed with obstacles and guaranteed mud and guaranteed fun. Or if you want to step up and take on a challenge like no other, then take on The Elements Infinity, how many laps can you complete in 12 hours? Not only will there be all of your favorite obstacles to fight against, you will also have the natural elements of the Great British weather to battle with plus added surprises along the way. Whether you are new to Obstacle Course Racing or you’re a die hard mud fan, there will be something for everyone.


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