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UK Challenge - Lake District


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Take part in one of the world's largest team building events. Great for businesses and friendship groups alike, the course will take you over lakes and up mountains all whilst solving anagrams and riddles as a team. Come for the physical challenge or for the proven team building experience.

How to enter the UK Challenge - Lake District

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UK Challenge - Lake District route


Stage 1

Great emphasis is placed on strategy during the first stage.Teams start to plan how to attack the days that lie ahead whilst honestly assessing their strengths and weaknesses. The importance of this stage cannot be emphasised enough, since what is planned will have a profound impact on all remaining challenges.

Stage 1 video -

UK Challenge is about more than the simply the physical aspects. Stage 2 typically tests the intelligence and motor skills of the teams at a time when some are thinking of hitting the hay.

Stage 2 video -

Generally this stage will begin on Day 2 and as soon as the sun comes up the competition resumes. Bonds are beginning to form within the teams and there is an eager anticipation of the day as teams set out on one of the event's longer stages.

Stage 3 video -

Favourites are beginning to emerge and all the while rivalries are beginning to surface. The leaderboard is well and truly set and many in the past believe that this is the stage where the event can be won or lost. Teams will target this stage and attack it head on to rise up the leaderboard.

Stage 4 video -

Sleep and rest are being happily exchanged for team points. The teams have success in this stage will be the teams who have forged iron-like bonds and who possess the mental strength to remain calm under the mounting pressure of the competition.

Stage 5 video -

This stage is the embodiment of UK Challenge. No other adventure-based event requires your team to must be completely adaptable and comfortable. Whether building a raft or launching a rocket you will need to employ the brains of the team in this stage to do well!

Stage 6 video -

It is still all the play for and every result it still on the table. It becomes purely tactical as huge amounts of points can be won or lost. Do teams play it safe or risk it all? Whatever is decided, but it’s at this point heroes emerge and legends are created. Time for your senior exec to stand up and be counted. Will they lead from the front or take a step back and be the puppet master? This could be critical for your final standing.

Stage video 7 -

The Grand Prix is a tradition that dates back to 1990. The final and most prestigious stage, it typically involves a blend of cycling and running and is always set among the most stunning scenery as competitors find strength, speed and stamina they never knew they had. Fuelled purely on adrenaline the emotion that teams experience crossing the line after many miles cannot be described.

Grand Prix video

Our after parties are world renowned. Why? Because what each and every team has accomplished over the past 3 days is incredible and an endless supply of the finest food and drinks is the only way to celebrate this fact. Which is why once the ceremony starts the final results are announced, awards are presented and more champagne is poured.

Event Details

What’s Included
  • Proven Business benefits (97% of those taking part say it significantly improved teamwork)
  • Refreshment Stations
  • Aid Stations
Raceday Logistics


Competitors from all four corners of the world gather for registration and immediately begin to discuss strategy all while sizing up the competition and forming battle plans. Adrenaline and anticipation mix sweetly in the air. Registration will take place between 10:00-14:00


No one is aware how each event will begin. One thing is for sure it will be something you will not forget. From fighter jets flying overhead to storming a castle to the sound of cannons, you will have never stepped foot on a start line like this.

Kit List
  • warm clothes
  • spare footwear
  • insect repellent
  • towels
  • Anything else needed will be communicated beforehand

This is very much a team focused event and it is best enjoyed as a participant rather than a bystander.


Volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested please contact [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a great benefit of the UK challenge?
Statistically proven to improve participants’ performance back in the workplace, we pride ourselves on cultivating camaraderie far beyond the boardroom. Within the adventure-based event also lies a competition steeped in inter-corporate rivalry as teams compete for the highly coveted UK Challenge crown. This is why we often say that the UK Challenge is an event to all, a competition to many, but a title for only one.
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Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

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IconLight breeze possible, up to 8mph

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