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Mountain Biking Events

Mountain Biking (MTB) events take you off-road onto the UK's scenic trails and paths. If you find that road cycling on tarmac doesn't provide enough of a thrill, mountain biking is the adventurous option. You'll need a properly designed mountain bike and definitely at least a strong helmet, if not more padding. Once you've got the kit, you're ready to head out to the rough terrains and exhilirating experiences on offer. Routes make the most of the UK's breathtaking views and scenery, either along coasts, up mountain ranges, or through national parks. Variable weather conditions can also add an interesting dimension to events. These races can be short sprints, long-distance races, or even multi-day events cross-country. There are events for mountain bikers of all levels, but it is important you read up on a race's course before entering as some routes require advanced technical abilities for elements such as steep descents.

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  • 7MAR

    Chopwell Funduro

    Mountain Biking Tyne and Wear
    6.2 mi
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