Bath Obstacle Races

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Forest WarriorColeford, GB

An OCR paradise set in a Forest surrounded by trees lakes and streams. The route will take you through a mix of dense forest and firetrack paths. The route is littered with endless natural obstacles and tricky terrain along with a selection of the toughest obstacles we could think of including the balancing bridge and "NINJA WARRIOR STYLE" finish!

Forest Warrior
Gladiator Races – Weston Beach RaceWeston-super-Mare, GB

Gladiator Obstacle Beach Racing is a 10 kilometre sand and 25+ world class obstacle course built on the proudest beaches the UK has to offer. Join thousands of participants and help one another to finish the course, designed and built by Ex British Special Forces personnel. No course is the same and each is purposely designed to bring you out of your comfort zone. Will you show enough physical strength, stamina, and mental grit to carry you across the finish line?

Gladiator Obstacle Beach Racing is the most innovative new challenge since the Mud Runs began.

£19 - £39
10K - Saturday • 10K - Sunday • 2K - Saturday • 2K - Sunday
Gladiator Races – Weston Beach Race
Discovery Rocket RaceTemplecombe, GB

Set in our stunning equestrian venue in the rolling Somerset countryside, Rocket Race is a fun OCR thats jammed packed with over 30 challenging and innovative obstacles, giving you the chance to test yourself, take part as a family or enter with a team and together, achieve something unforgettable. Our obstacle heavy course provides the perfect challenge for elites, newbies and teams alike

£40 - £55
Discovery Rocket Race

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Showing 3 of 3 results