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The Hadleigh Legacy 10k
“Awesome course loved it really challenging 10k great Marshalls that really did get you through the tough parts and excellent race organisers NICE WORK as all ways 10/10 Thanks rob A&D rrc ”

Lorton School 10K
“Very well organised small and friendly event. Undulating course which takes in the scenic lorton valley. Steep up hill at half way point which divides race into two parts. Mixed abilities from newbies to running to top level club athletes. Every finisher gets a handmade cookie medal made by lorton school kids. Well worth a go, but word of warning, pre entry only and usually sold out a month prior race date. ”

Mast Race 10k Summer
“My first time at doing the Mast 10k & it was fantastic from start to finish, this race is part road and tail. I was one of the last few to finish, so I got to know the back marker who I have to say was fantastic, he helped me stay focused, showed me how to breathe through the tough bits & also made me smile from start to finish . 10/10 for the marshals around this course, massive boost every time I passed one. The mast 10k is an event I will do again & advice you all to try. It’s well organised with the friendliest of staff & volunteers. There is a feed station on this route, toilets at the start & finish & hot & cold drinks. I can’t fault this run at all The mast 10k is for over 18s ”

Wakefield 10k and 1K Mini Run
“3rd year doing this fab 10k Love this running event. Roll on next year Well organised, fab t'shirts, support on route is great. Water stations, toilets and ends in Wakefield park 😊”

Brean Down Santa Scramble
“I think you should present the trophies once the top 30 runners have finished I.e. once you have winners for each category. It was a shame to only have a handful for presentation by waiting until the very end.”

Mapledurham 10 mile & 10K
“Loved this race. I was supposed to do 10 miles but played it safe due to injury and did 10k instead. Great small event, well organised and a great atmosphere. I have signed up to do the 10 miler in 2019. ”

Muddy Boots 10K & Fun Run
“A challenging run. First year doing race. Friendly competition and a great crowd. Few parking places near but there is roads to park on but try to arrange car sharing ”

Hyde Park - 10K - June
“Lovely morning run in my favourite London park. Professional and well-organised. You have to dodge other people in the park a bit, but as I'm not yet Farah pace, they usually manage to get out of the way in time. Two 5k loops makes pacing easier, and there were some nice goodies at the finish.”

Liverpool 5k & 10k MoRun
“The course can take a toll on youre legs if youre planning a PR as its not a flat run, but that just makes it more enjoyable!The little woodlands are a great area to run, I would just suggest a couple trials there beforehand like I did on the build up to the event to prepare your legs.”

Run Tatton Half Marathon & 10K
“This was my first official 10k and I couldnt have wished for a more friendly, well organised event to pick. I would like to thank everyone involved in this event and a special thanks to the amazing marshalls who were so encouraging along the way. Thank you, I will definitely be booking the Tatton Park run again ”

Brent Knoll Race
“There's a mile and a half flat twisty section to the base of the knoll to warm up followed by a near vertical ascent. The view at the top is breath taking on a clear day, which it was, and good to spend a minute getting my breath back! A full 360 degree view of Somerset. Overnight rain made the course sticky but not too muddy, fortunately. The descent marginally easier with a flattish section and return along the same twisty bit. The whole race is only five and a half miles but is a total experience and one for the serious runner. Trail shoes are essential.”

Speedway 10K
“A great event overall. No faffing around waiting to start, course was well marshalled and accurate distance markers. Nice flat route with few sharp turns as well. A very high-quality field as well, so race gives you the best chance of getting a PB. Great pre and post race atmosphere, with free cake and coffee after for everyone to enjoy and discuss the race! Best 10k I've taken part in, can have no complaints whatsoever! ”

Watford Joggers Autumn 10K
“This was my first trail run and was very enjoyable. Great challenging course starting and finishing in Cassiobury Park with the majority of the run in the adjacent woods. Plenty of upward and downward sections, both long and short. Recommended!”

The Madehurst South Downs 10k & 5k
“Really nice route, will be even better to come back and do it another year when the sun is out! Marshall were all really enthusiastic despite having to stand in the pouring rain! ”

Doncaster 10k Road Race
“Very well organised race in my home town. Challenging course with that final hill! Support from along the course kept me going! Definitely will be one for next year”

Trosley Park 10k & 5k Challenge
“Such a tricky course, steep downhill section and killer steps back up. But it was so much fun, great trail to run on, beautiful views and the organisation and marshalls were first class. Beautiful medal at the end too.”

Two Castles Run
“I first ran this race in 2011 returning 8 years later it’s still a great race, with a great atmosphere definitely coming back. ”

Mathew 10k Pudding Run
“Again Heanor RC have surpassed their selves with this new and challenging course, loved the new hills in it, really well organised and the continued technical t shirt for me is a must and a great addition, our running club have it in our club challenge and will continue to do so, looking forward to 2019 edition ”

Draycote Water Winter 10K Series – December
“Things to improve would perhaps be that when you first go over the timing mat it starts timing from when you cross the timing mat and not when the horn goes off/the first runner crosses the mat. This would help make all times more precise for runners further back in the field and will limit a slower run from what my Garmin says. ”

Mast Race 10K – Winter
“This was my first time doing this race and I loved it. It was hard work and the views at the top are spectacular! Definitely will become one of my regular races! Would recommend! ”

QE Olympic Park - 10K - January
“Kinda loved it. Really suprised at how efficient these things can be given the amount of people there. Not the best atmosphere but I guess its a smaller race with not many spectators. But very impressed overall!”

Victoria Park - 10K - October
“Super fun little Sunday morning run. The people were wonderful, which made the atmosphere super pleasant and welcoming. The one thing is I would recommend coming a little bit early as the line can get somewhat long.”

Langsett 10
“Fantastic Fell race, first one I have done. Couldn't get lost as lots of marshalls on route, thanks to all of them. Beautiful scenery, tough challenging route but loved it. Well organised, good facilities at start, a little conjested for parking but managed, great race.”

The Richmond Park New Year 10k & 5k
“Great race - I really like the course, which was quiet and gently undulating. Probably not ideal for a PB but it's not too slow either. The organisers and marshals were very friendly and the mince pies at the end felt well-earned!”

Wesham 10k
“The course is mildly undulating, with a particularly quick section from 4-7k and a slightly tougher finish from 8-10k up hill. ”

Brighton 5k & 10k MoRun
“This course measured 300meters short of 10k. I had to run around a bit for this to become a 10k after going over the finish. Looking at others on Strava they all say 9.7k. Pebbles over the running course made it difficult but realise this was due to the over night storm. ”

Mad March 10K
“My first race in battersea park and I was really impressed. Great being able to turn up only 10mins before the start. And some good snacks and drinks at the end”

RunUK Kingston 10k
“This was my first timed 10km as I am very new to running as a way to loose weight and get fit after having my baby. The race was great along the river but I struggled and found it tough as my first. I would recommend it to others and hope to do it again next year. Thanks to the organisers and all involved”

Thetford Trails Race 3
“I loved this run. Marshall s and everyone helping were really friendly. Plenty of parking at a reasonable price. My only complaint was the way in which the chips were collected at the end of the race. When you cross the line all you really want to do is catch your breath and walk it out. Instead, immediately after the finish line runners were stopped in order to have their chips cut from their trainers so I found myself, feeling slightly nauseous packed in amongst other runners and I couldn't get out which just made me feel claustrophobic. Overall though a great morning, I can't wait for the next one :-) ”

Boscombe 10K
“Really enjoyed the course, amazing marshalling .. just did not like so much the queens park avenue section ... difficult to keep the pace, stuck behind slower runners and unable to take over because of too busy car traffic.”

Ruthin 5K & 10K
“Well organised with plenty of friendly marshals and a lovely cupcake to finish . Course was undulating with a couple of climbs to get the heart rate going. Scenery was stunning and the weather was perfect. ”

RunUK Richmond 10K - November
“All very well organized and felt I had all the information I needed. We accidentally went to old deer gate in Richmond park but think that was definitely our mistake”

Harrow Hill 10K
“Organisation and marshalling was fantastic. A very hilly course, 2 laps of Harrow on the Hill. A beautiful sunny day for a beautiful setting. ”

Knowle Village Spring 10k
“Nice course, though a little muddy(!), Trail shoes would have been handy! Good atmosphere and support from locals. Finishing line wasnt clear - could have done with flags or an inflatable.”

The Nice Work Bushy Park Christmas 10k & 5k
“Good atmosphere and people. Starting section was a little rocky with such a narrow throughfair and very uneven ground. Several people tripped including myself. Not a fan of lap based race courses but it was a great location to have a nice run. Excellent medal and great supporting staff. Many thanks.”

Wilmslow 10K
“I enjoyed the race very much. The first 5K was very fast which set the standard for the race and smashed my pb. The finish point of the race was very crowded and slow moving so it was difficult to move around the finishing area. The walk from the start did not bother me, it was nice to have a proper cool down after the race. Overall, I enjoyed it very much and would think about doing the race again whenever I would like another shot at beating my pb. ”

Medway 10k
“i hate this course, and yet I signed up again knowing exactly what I was letting myself in for. I dont mind hills, all my pb's are from hilly courses, you can make up more time on the down than what is lost on the up, but with Medway 10k, there's more up than down, It is certainly a challenge and one of my least favourite runs, however, it is local and I will always support it.”

Regent's Park - 10K - April
“This was my first 10k and found the race to be brilliantly organised even considering the big turnout. I hope next time they make the course a little more varied as 3 laps around the same course feels slightly repetitive.”

adidas City Run: Fulham 10K
“When I looked at the race waves I realized it was going to be a big event. Arriving felt like I was entering a race village, lots of people excited for the start. And then it began. A few thousand runners making their way through the streets of Fulham. The first 5k of the route was busy, and the roads were narrow, which made it tricky to get up to speed, but then the second half opened up. We took in the local sites, including Chelsea FC's Stamford Bridge. It was a fun morning, and good to see an area of London I don't speed a lot of time in.”

Spider Hill – Brutal 10K
“The only thing I can think of is better directions to the site - we used the postcode on the website which took us on a tour of the estate near the local village. We had to find the location through a different running website. Other than that there was nothing about the event that I would change.”

Rugged Radnage 10K
“With glorious weather and a dry course it was a fabulous event. Some challenging hills to make it feel truly XC and combined with some decent road sections it makes for a really good course. I ran in Salomon Speedcross 4 trail shoes which were ideal for this event. Killer hill at 9k never forgotten!”

Weybridge 10k
“The biggest 10k that I’ve run and was very organised. Not a completely flat course. Would do it again ”

Kelly’s Guildford 10K
“A slightly more challenging course than I expected (but this added to the fun). Enjoyable, very well organised, friendly volunteers, and enthusiastic marshals. Thoroughly recommend.”

Chase the Sun Victoria Park - May
“Racing on a weekday evening is so great! This event was really well organized with loads of super helpful and supportive volunteers and marshals. The course is three laps of Victoria Park, so not the most exciting, but it's flat and quick and good for setting PBs! Loads of delicious snacks at the end, including some homemade flapjacks. Would highly recommend this event.”

Thetford Trails Race 1
“Plenty of parking space. Well organised. Great location. Wide trails. Very enjoyable and recommended. ”

Burrator 10K
“The race was well organised and well run. The route is good apart from the incline near 5k mark and the end. Maybe next year could we have better weather didn't need the drenching really. ”

Victoria Park - 10K - June
“Well organised race, with people cheering you on along the way. Was my first race, would recommend. Did get a weird text from Lets Do This at 2am the night before congratulating me (weirdly) - but thats more the website than the race. ”

Richmond Park Christmas 10k & 5k
“It was great! Despite the weather. The only slight problem which the organiser cant do much about was the toilets. There was a massive queue so I missed the start ”

Cancer Research Tough 10 – Manchester
“Really enjoyed this run. Honestly underestimated the course. It was tougher than expected but a great course. Dont get me wrong its not as hard as some races that Ive done but was pretty tough with every type of terrain you can think of. Id definitely recommend this. ”

Victoria Park 10K January
“This was my first 10k which involved laps around a park and I really enjoyed it. Very flat so you can really push for your 10k PB. Its a perfect Sunday morning activity, really accessible and the organisation is slick. ”

Blackpool Music Run 10K & 5K
“Definitely needed more toilets. Clearer race instructions to tell everyone to run down the left side of the road. But was a great race, amazing people at the festival and marshal; crowd support was ok, was some jeering as well (know this isn’t the organisers fault)”

The Slough New Year 10K & 5K
“Absolutely loved this 10k! It was a very cold morning but running around the beautiful lake was stunning. The course was flat and a really nice combination of gravel paths and in the woods. The course definitely has PB potential as it is flat and wide. It was a 5k course and so those doing the 10k went twice which really was an advantage seeing it all again. The race was well organised with water at the 5k point and a lovely medal at the end. Will definitely do this again!”

Worms Head 10k
“Great location with fantastic scenery. With the recent weather course was abit to slippery underfoot for my liking even with trail shoes on. Even on the best of days I think the mandatory footwear should be trail shoes. Il deffo be back to give it another go. ”

Manchester 5k & 10k MoRun
“I thought the event overall was really good. Great atmosphere and the course was tough but a good challenger. The only thing I would change would be the details given before the race. We got a taxi to the car park post code on the letter inside our packs and it took us to a car park on the other side of the start of the race. From there, it wasn't clear where we should go to get to the start. We got there because another runner had the same problem. Just a bit clearer with the instructions would be helpful next time. Thanks.”

Run Durham Dalton Park 10K
“Well organised event, with number collection run very smoothly. Prize giving post race would have been nice. It is not a flat course as listed. Not the hilliest race I have done, but certainly not flat when climbing from around 1 to 4.5 K. Not a big fan of multi laps, but I knew what the course entailed.”

Rushcliffe 10K and Fun Run
“Excellent Marshalling, course was good, but bottle necked in places, not sure if thats down to too many people or the fact that there were a lot of steady runners towards to front of the start area making it difficult to get round them? All that said, I would enter it again ”

Beddington Park 10K
“Very basic route of 4 x 2.5km laps. Was well marshalled and all but one was giving out great encouragement. Disappointed that even tho I had signed up online there was no record of me but this was not a problem really. PB 10k and I will return next year.”

Richmond Park Spring 10K & 5K
“Well organised race and nice atmosphere! The course was OK - it could have been a bit more varied to be more interesting but still a good course.”

Eltham 10K
“Great run yesterday!! The first of the year!! Good weather too;) 8 went well and then I really had to push but a great course and set a good time for myself. ”

The Regent’s Park 10k
“I enjoyed the race, and I know the course quite well. It was very well highlighted with people directing where to go at difficult stages. I managed to get a PB, so very happy with that. I only gave 3 stars for the atmosphere, as there wasn't really much for anyone to gel around, if that make's sense. But it was a really good race nonetheless.”

Abingdon 10K
“Despite late weather change to course highly enjoyable event, well organised, on site parking - highly recommended”

Weymouth Bay 10K
“Would have been good to receive our times on the day or for that evening. It was very hard with the wind. Definitely take your own water as there was only 1 water stop and that was at 6k not even half way.”

Nonsuch Park 10K
“There weren't any signs from the car park to where the race HQ was. Nice warm up at the start. Not sure why the course went through an icy stream four times when there was a bridge! Also, the course isn't marked out that clearly and there aren't that many marshals (though probably just enough). As the race is in a public park it gets very busy and you have to run around bicycles and dogs. The entry fee is cheaper than most.”

Coventry 10k
“Get there early to beat the queue for getting your numbers, especially if youre A-M as this was much longer! Almost tempting to get registration on the day!”

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