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About Top Rated
About Top Rated

If you're like us, the first thing you look for when choosing an event is reviews from past attendees. We value reviews so much, we're compiling a series of Top Rated charts to celebrate the best challenge events and organizers each year according to you, the community.

Can't see an event you've attended?

Leave a review so an event makes the board. Events from the last year need a minimum of 5 reviews so we can determine their average rating.

When does the year start and end?

The current charts recognise events that occurred between 05 August 2019 - 05 August 2020.

How are the events ranked?

Events are ranked using an algorithm that takes into account review ratings and volume of reviews.

Why is the Top Rated chart rating different to the event page?

The 1-10 ratings displayed on the Top Rated charts are representative of attendee reviews from the current year for the relevant race e.g. Rotary Shakespeare Marathon. The star rating displayed on event pages is representative of attendee reviews from all seasons for all races at an event e.g. Rotary Shakespeare Marathon and Half Marathon.

What are Flagship Events?

Flagship events are running events that are attended by 10,000+ people. These are the largest events in the UK and are a great experience for runners of all experience levels.

How is the UK divided into North and South?

UK South contains events within the East of England, London, the South East, and the South West. UK North contains events within the East Midlands, the West Midlands, the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, the North East, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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The SimplyHealth Great North Run
“The best event ever. My 6th consecutive and I intend to keep going. Everything from A-Z is superbly organised. It’s lije a massive family. Everyone speaks to each other and helps each other along. The volunteers are amazing. One negative - not enough toilets at the start. ”
27 reviews

Royal Parks Half Marathon
“This was a lovely half marathon would definitely do it again. Only real complaint was the mud, there was little In the way of walk boards or similar so everyone was squelching around in thick wet mud which meant that everyone had cold wet muddy feet before even getting to the start.”
13 reviews

Manchester Half Marathon
“Fantastic event. I returned after having a great time last year. The organisers chose to not provide a goody bag or finisher tee this year. I was disappointed by this and as such I probably won’t return next year. ”
16 reviews

Last updated 3rd Aug 2020 at 01:00

Can't see an event you attended?

Leave a review so an event makes the board. Events from the last year need a minimum of 5 reviews so we can determine their average rating.

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