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About Top Rated

If you're like us, the first thing you look for when choosing an event is reviews from past attendees. We value reviews so much, we're compiling a series of Top Rated charts to celebrate the best challenge events each season according to you, the community.

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Run Tatton Half Marathon & 10K
“Great little half mostly within the grounds of tatton park. Undulating course with plenty of marshals and support . To top it all a great medal, a t-shirt and the famous flapjack definitely doing it again.”

Sheffield Half Marathon
“Well organised race, support was amazing and definitely kept me going. Hills were tough but once you hit 5 miles its mostly downhill which I absolutely loved! Will be back next year! ”

Boston Marathon (UK)
“This was my first half marathon, I found from booking the event through to receiving the details and arrival at the venue extremely professional and well organised. Although the route was a bit boring in places, the atmosphere from the support we got, wether it was the marshals, water station supervisors ( which were superb with extra little treats ) or the general public, was a great help, especially to a slow first timer like me. Would definitely recommend this event. ooh and the goodie bag t-shirt and medal was worth the effort. ”

Essar Four Villages Half Marathon
“Nice, local race. Great event Village. Undulating course. Love the 'medal' - different!More parking would be an added bonus. Goodie bag at the end very good but would prefer something more run friendly like a snood/buff as opposed to a race bag or t shirt that would never be used. ”

Race The Tide
“Really beautiful race, well marshaled, but certainly a toughie! The hills in the course are no joke - a mate of mine did the ultra and my legs hurt even thinking about it - but it was well worth the effort!”

Rotary Shakespeare Marathon and Half Marathon
“A very scenic and well organised race. The Marshalls were very friendly.Only slight down side for me was the last bit of the run that took you on a busy road with no room to overtake slower runners. Having said that, the rest of the course was challenging and enjoyable.In my opinion, one of the best runs ive been on. I was so impressed with the organisation and ease of parkung etc that i am seriously considering running this next year. Well done.”

The Fox
“Really enjoyable, small event which was very well-organised and sign posted. Big choice of snacks at the food station and at the end. Mainly across fields and through woods. Not the remotest run I've ever done but it was so easy to get to from London which was a big plus. Point to point not circular but a shuttle brought all the bags from the start to the finish and they were there waiting for us when we finished. Really fun with friendly organisers! ”

The Clowne Half Marathon
“The downloadable race pack had pretty much all the info you need. The car parks were well sign-posted as was everything else.We arrived an hour before race start which was plenty of time to park, locate registration, get your racing number, get changed, handover the baggage and use the toilets.It was a fairly chilly autumnal day. I wore 2 layers (long sleeve and vest), with gloves. It was around 5oC so defo recommend gloves, especially if you suffer with Raynaud's.There are some hills on the course but not that challenging. The overall gain is 200m with an incline in the last third which caught out a few people who didn't pace their first 9-10 miles. I ran a steady 7:30 minutes / mile through most of the race which helped me smash my PB by 5 minutes (only 4th time I've run the distance, but I never expected under 1:40!) With the right pacing its a good course to run a really good time!”

Running Grand Prix Oulton Park
“Once the 10k and 5k races join in the track becomes much more full and unable to follow the racing line as quite a lot of the 10/5k runners walk!!! Therefore I ran an extra quarter of a mile!!!! Very very very frustrating”

Wirral Way Trail Half Marathon – Winter
“Great race, only thing I wasn't to keen on was collection of numbers. We had to collect the day before due to the collection point for numbers being at the finish line. On a plus lovely route fairly flat, great atmosphere. I will be using the route for some of my marathon training and signing up for this one again. ”

Thorpe & Egham Half Marathon
“Terrific race, really well organised, coaches ran like clockwork, event started bang on schedule... cant ask for much more from an event... only fault I could find was the 12mile marker came about 200m too early ”

The Monsal Trail Half Marathon & 10k – Sunday
“As a visually impaired runner the course was great !! The volunteers at water station are superb keep up the good work !! I so love water thrown on me .. I always feel like a winner when I cross the line even if theres no trophy the guides I run/train with are outstanding its all team work... and omg the medal its fab who ever designed it !! ”

Tewkesbury Half Marathon
“Loads of water in the course which was great especially as the weather was good, loads of support. Marshalls were good especially as not all the roads were closed they did a great job of keeping everyone safe. Having the start and finish away from cars was a bit tricky especially after the race. ”

Dartford Half Marathon
“Great event great course, but hilly which is great for a challenge. Great mix of age and abilitys running, some people are a lot fitter than they look!! Well done to all took part, see you next year ”

Deep River Trail Races
“Epic first trail running experience. Found the course really challenging but thoroughly enjoyed it. Organisation was simple but effective. Only complaint was that the start line wasn't clear so wasn't sure when to start my strava! Medal was awesome and the aid stations were really well stocked with food and drink. Highly recommend and will definitely be doing more trail runs in the future! ”

Grand Union Canal - Half Marathon – November
“A spectacular route up the canal in beautiful weather after a respectfully observed minutes silence.All the marshalls were incredibly friendly and regular water points were great.I wore road flats but trail shoes might have been better on some of the muddier parts.Thank you for a top Sunday morning run!”

Southend Half Marathon
“Love this race. Great charity and loads of very enthusiastic marshalls on a lovely glat route down the Southend seafront. can get hot on a nice day next to the sea so take on board all the wet sponges and water offered ”

Richmond Park Half Marathon
“Great to be able to do a half marathon in Richmond Park and to do so without looping at all. Great experience and well worth the entry fee.”

Leeds Half Marathon
“A well organised and challenging Half Marathon. The course starts in the city centre then goes out and around it before coming back in to the finish. The course has plenty of uphill and downhill and has great support all the way around.”

Surrey Half Marathon
“Really enjoyed this race. Its a half but has the buzz and atmosphere of a full marathon. Course is not spectacular but nice enough and good for a fastish time ! ”

Coast Half Marathon
“This event was very well organised with the coaches to ferry us to the start line and the many marshals actually on the route. I enjoyed the day and other participants seemed to enjoy the day too. I took part with a number of people from our running club and they all have said they thoroughly enjoyed the day and would happily do it again!Well done and thank you for having us!”

Eastbourne Half Marathon
“I love this event. I have competed 3 years in a row.Great course, with closed roads, climbing up to the top of the South downs then straight back down to sea level to stride it out along the seafront all the way to the other end of Eastbourne.The organisation was great, results on the website the same day and even race photos up on the same day, which I haven't seen before. The only thing that I would improve on, is having some kind of rubber matting from the road to the start/finish line. This event is notorious for raining/being wet and the start/finish line is in the middle of a field, so it can cause some risky sprint finishes.Overall, definitely one to add to your race calander to conquer.”

Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon
“One of the best marathons I’ve done, from the crowds to the atmosphere and the course was perfect 👌 well done all involved ”

Owler Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K – Winter
“This is a tough course! Not huge hills but "undulating" from about 2 miles until 11. The toughest bit is that the terrain is muddy grass, country lanes and muddy bridle paths. Don't let that put you off though! A hard choice is the running shoes - First time I wore road shoes and struggled in the mud, this year I wore trail shoes and smashed my legs on the lanes! However, this is my favourite race and will be back again next year! As it's quite a small field, there will be time you are running on your own, but a good opportunity to make new running friends.”

Weymouth Half Marathon
“Event was friendly and welcoming for someone who never done anything like it before like myself! Crowds were lively and friendly also! All round excellent event”

Leeds & Liverpool Christmas Cracker
“I didn't like the route, it was really hard going back and forth especially the last bit, having to run past the finish line to carry on another 3.3 miles. I believe the route was changed due to a problem on the canal at the last minute so it probably won't be like that next time. It was muddy in places but mainly ok. ”

St Neots Half Marathon
“As a stneots local, and ran this race 3 times (each time PB), and trained on this route a few times before a race, I am very familiar with the course, and love every aspect of it..(and the hill climbs) it is a great course to run. Slight incline at the start, Cromwell rd/potton rd, then slight descend to abbotsley for nearly 3 miles, the up the little sharp hill on the right onto pitsdean road, then a slight incline heading towards crossroads, turning left to be greeting by a long descend, then to be tormented by the steepest incline of the run, just after mile 4, which has broken a few runners in the past. Up the incline meandering through turning right toward Waresley on manor farm road. Up and down a few hills, then turn left at waresley, down a slight descend for a quick mile before turning left onto gransden rd nr mile 7. Heading to abbotsley, turn left bk on pitsdean rd, to crossroads to turn right for a 3 mile slight descend to the finish. ”

Wokingham Half Marathon
“If you are expecting a pancake flat race forget it! If you can get your head around the final push, and leave enough in the tank for the last 3 uphill miles you'll do great! Great support from locals and heaps of volunteers throughout the course. The pacers with my group (2:30) were encouraging and did their best to bring us home. Few tips: Don't skip hills in training or hill repeats. Get to the site early so you grab a parking spot and can chill for a good 30-45mins. Queue for the loos early. Buy your T-shirt online. Throw gels down your neck at mile 8 or 9. Be prepared for weird unseasonable weather (it was hot!). There are plenty of water stations to warrant ditching your own water bottle.”

The Deal Half Marathon
“Fantastic challenge as its quite hilly so you need to train adequately for this but its freat fun. The atmosphere was excellent and the marshalls did a fantastic job as you will meet oncoming traffic so it really couldnt take place without them. Great challenge though I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Windsor Winter Half Marathon
“Very well organised, fast course and overall a great race. Need to start near the front if you don't want to get held up - makes for a fast start”

Run The Streets Worthing Half Marathon, 3km & Mini Mile
“I ran a 10k-race in Worthing before but I did the Worthing Half Marathon for the first time. I knew that it has a flat course but I never expected that I would do a PB. The organisation was good. I enjoyed my run so much with my friends from our running club. I would like to join the Worthing Half Marathon 2020. ”

Rother Valley Running Festival
“Good running conditions in 2018, so was able to run in regular kit including road shoes. Limited entry means the course isn't over crowded and for a multi lap event it's a picturesque place to run in.”

RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark 5k, 10k, 10 Mile & Half Marathon – January
“I thought that for a lap race this was good. The staff were pleasant and friendly. I had questions before the race which were answered very promptly. Ive personally discovered that lap racing is not for me but it was nice to see people of different ages and levels all getting to run together. The atmosphere was friendly and non judgemental ”

Wrexham Half Marathon
“First half marathon I have done and I really enjoyed it, the set up and marshalling was good. A nice medal and cakes at the end. Would recommend this for anyone doing their first half marathon.”

Thames Meander Marathon & Half – March
“Great day out and amazing volunteers.Cons (for organisers): - Not enough toilets - almost missed the start queueing- Feed station at the finish line blocked the route confusing runners. If I didn't have my watch I would have probably stopped thinking I'd finished. Saw someone finish the wrong way cutting their race short by 2 miles :(Would love to do it again though!”

Llanelli Half Marathon
“This was a great event - more so as a local participant I was overwhelmed by the fantastic support and encouragement. The start was delayed by 20mins which would have been grim in harsher winter weather . Luckily the weather was good . The course was longer than a Half should be but was clear and extremely well marshalled. Great finish line .”

Royal Windsor Half Marathon River Trail Run
“Great event. Really enjoyed it. Please thanks those who organised and run it. Two minor points - the amplifier speakers didn't work (they were very quiet) for the briefing and £5 just to keep you bag is a bit much when you have spent over £40 on entry fee. ”

Leicestershire Half Marathon
“Really well organised race with easily accessible parking facilities and amenities. The atmosphere at the start and finish was extremely encouraging and with plenty of runners in the field, you were never running alone.”

RunThrough Run Heaton 5K, 10K & Half Marathon – January
“Great course. 4 (and a bit) Laps of the 5k course. Includes a testing hill that Im sure gets steeper on every lap. All tarmac except for a small muddy section of path and huge puddles that needed to be navigated carefully. Well marshalled. One water stop on course - not well managed (one person serving) though. Wasnt any toilets on the course. Mileage markers were a waste of time. Course measures about 500m short. Medal was very average (same for 5k, 10k & half). Piece of flapjack, banana and water at the end. Difficult to park nearby. You pick up your race number on the day. Nobody fills out the reverse side contact details because no pens. I would do it again though. ”

Dorney Lake Winter Half Marathon
“The event was very well set up and registration was very straightforward.Nice course, flat and scenic. I think it would be a beautiful run in the summer as it was a bit grey and chilly. But enjoyable none the less ”

RunUK Wimbledon Half Marathon & 10K
“I really enjoyed the race was a bit disappointed that the course according to garmin and strava was a little short - which meant i didnt get a half marathon time. Other than the above issue really enjoyed event. ”

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