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Immortal Half – WimbleballBrompton Regis, Somerset, GB

After a successful event in 2018, Immortal Sport are pleased to bring their tried and tested Middle Distance Triathlon experience to the fantastic Wimbleball venue. The highly anticipated climax to our exciting weekend of sport will see competitors take to the lake for a single lap of one of most beautifully located bodies of water in the country, before heading out on a partially closed road route on the fine Somerset and Devon road network. The final discipline will be within the beautiful Wimbleball countryside affording outstanding views.

£155 - £174
Half Ironman
Immortal Half – Wimbleball
Immortal Triple Crown – WimbleballBrompton Regis, Somerset, GB

Who will be brave enough to challenge for the Triple Crown? Only the most hardened athletes will endeavour to complete all 3 elements over the weekend 10K, Classic and Middle Distance to secure a place in the Triple Crown Hall of Fame.

Please note - For participating in "Triple Crown" which consist all 3 races (10K, Classic and Middle/Half Distance), it will cost 220.
If you want to participate in 10K, Classic and Middle/Half Distance separately then please check the links below:
10K race - https://www.letsdothis.com/e/immortal-10k-wimbleball-99989
Classic - https://www.letsdothis.com/e/immortal-classic-wimbleball-99978
Middle/Half Distance - https://www.letsdothis.com/e/immortal-wimbleball-half-99971

Half Ironman
Immortal Triple Crown – Wimbleball

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