Let's Do tuesDAYs

Run, yoga, beer. Tuesday's done right.

What's it all about?

It's simple really. We've teamed up with Day's Brewing to put on a free run club every Tuesday evening, Hyde Park Bandstand. All abilities are welcome, completely free of charge. Running, yoga, and beer - it's guranteed to make you smile.

We kick off with some running...

Our running sessions are organised by coach Mike Huckle. We start with a quick warm-up but from there things really vary. Sometimes we do intervals, sometimes we do mock races, sometimes we just chill. Whatever the session, everyone of all speeds & ability is welcome and encouraged to come along.

...then we slow things right down...

Our yoga sessions are lead by Amanda Wass. This isn't just a chance to stretch and loosen off after a running session, it's a chance to take a minute to yourself, and switch off after a busy day at work. As Amanda puts it: 'Breathe, Move & be Happy.'

...before enjoying a 0.0% beer and a chat.

Days is a beer for doing, a beer for people who want to make the most of each and every day. So, it's only fitting that we cap off each session with a cold, refreshing 0.0% beer and have a chat before heading off.

Sound good?

We certainly think so. Come by on a Tuesday night and find out for yourself!

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