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Health goals set for 2022?

Time to find your finish line.

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Stay on track

Committing to an event gives you an achievable goal to work towards and a clear path to resolution success.

Share the journey

Whether you sign up with friends or go it alone, you’re in it together with your future race-mates and supporters.

Experience the unforgettable

With event highs, lows and everything in between, you’ll smash your resolution and make memories that last.

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Half Marathons

For proof you can do hard things


For once-in-a-lifetime moments

5k & 10ks

For joining with friends

Trail Runs

For views worth the climb

Cycling Events

For the push to go far


For the full body challenge

Why you do it

New Year’s inspiration

Get out there, look good

Volt yellow makes you run faster: fact. Shop Let’s Do This for your New Year’s running uniform

Reasons to race

Ever thought you're not quick, fit or competitive enough for an endurance event? You're not alone. Find out why endurance events are actually for everyone, as we debunk common myths around races and events.

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How to run your first Ultra

Lucy Bartholomew is one of the world's most impressive ultra-runners, having completed her first 100km race at the age of 15. For Lucy, ultramarathons are truly life-changing experiences, but often misconstrued as events which only the uber-fit elites can take part in. This is far from the case...

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