It's time for your marathon moment

From Scottish lochs to Snowdonia's trails, discover the UK's favourite Marathons, as well as the the perfect events to get you ready for race-day.

Find your marathonKick-start your training

Find your marathon

Ready to run 26.2 miles through Britain's finest trails and cities?

Check out incredible UK marathons that are open to enter right now.

XTERRA Snowdonia Trail Marathon

Escape the city with this beautiful trail marathon across the hills of Snowdonia.

The PodPlus Kent Spring Marathon

Break away from road racing and explore the scenic tracks and lanes of the Kent countryside.

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ABP Southampton Marathon

Run the roads and streets of Southampton, taking in their most historic landmarks and views.

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Kick-start your training

As the saying goes, it's a marathon - not a sprint. Get your legs & mind ready for the adrenaline of race-day with these iconic middle distance events.

Great North 10k

Take on this iconic 10k through the heart of Tyneside with epic crowds, music and North East spirit.

Some added inspiration 

The best London marathon alternatives

Looking for alternatives to the London Marathon? We've got you covered with the best 2022 UK marathons that are open to enter right now!

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How to run your first Ultra

Lucy Bartholomew is one of the world's most impressive ultra-runners, having completed her first 100km race at the age of 15. For Lucy, ultramarathons are truly life-changing experiences, but often misconstrued as events which only the uber-fit elites can take part in. This is far from the case...

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