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Let's Do This x Urban Massage

One thing we can guarantee: a massage is better when you've earned it. So here’s a little gift from us to you to help you get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing...

Enjoy 15% off these epic experiences

Fancy escaping the city for a scenic countryside trail run? Or squeeze an evening city park run into your busy work schedule? Or perhaps you've got into cycling over lockdown? Well - we've got you covered. Check out the events below and once you’ve found the right one for you simply apply the code 'LDTURBAN' at checkout for a not-too-shabby 15% off.

Escape The City

Rolling hills, towering forests, rugged coastlines, we've got plenty of incredible running events which are just a stone's throw away from the UK's major cities. Explore the great British outdoors, clear your head, then return home to a well-earned Urban Massage. Sounds good right? We think so too.


London City Runs

Life can be busy, and we understand it’s sometimes tough to carve out training time for bigger sporting events. So, if you're looking for something that doesn't require too much training time and is a little closer to home, look no further than these brilliant runs in and around London.


On your bike!

Whether you’re looking to push yourself on a 100k+ route, take it easier on a 20k, climb hills or race through the flats - we’ve got some glorious routes and cycling events for you to discover throughout the UK.


Need a hand with your training?

We’ve curated some awesome training plans covering exercise schedules, nutritional advice, tips and beyond - helping to get you well and truly race ready.

5k Training Plan

10k Training Plan

Half Marathon Training plan