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2 different epic adventure races in one place!

Pick between a Multistage classic (including Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Running) OR a navigation based off road Duathlon.

This race is designed for different levels of athletes and open for three categories: SOLO, Relay and AR Duo category, where you and a mate stay together for the entire event and kayaking gear is supplied.

East Gippsland Adventure Challenge

Lakes Entrance, Victoria, AU
2 races
AUD $49AUD $424
East Gippsland Adventure Challenge

The Alpine Quest Adventure Race over Australia Day Weekend is an epic, navigation-based team event and like nothing you have ever done.

The course is determined by control points and consists of kayaking, mountain biking, trekking legs with some additional challenges. Teams of four will navigate their way between checkpoints over an unmarked wilderness course using only a map and compass.

The race is tough, and it is the ultimate challenge for your body and your mind. As a team you will have to decide where to stop and sleep or eat - the race clock is always ticking and never stops. Another important decision to make is what to pack (or not to pack) in your backpacks - the only access to additional gear will be in Transition areas between legs where your bikes and equipment will be transported by race organisers.

Alpine Quest Falls Creek

Falls Creek, Victoria, AU
2 races
AUD $400AUD $730
Alpine Quest Falls Creek

Womens Adventure Race is a female-only adventure race is first of all about having outdoor fun with your sisters, cousins, daughters, friends, and colleagues. We are going to run/jog/walk, ride our bikes and kayak over the 2-hour course.

Adventure racing is about getting out of the home/office/gym into the fresh air and exploring all the thrills of these outdoor activities in one event.

Adventure racing is a combination of two or more endurance disciplines including running, mountain biking, paddling and orienteering /navigation. Events vary from expedition events (up to 10 days) to sprint events (up to one or two hours).

Are you afraid that adventure racing might be too extreme, too hard and perhaps not for you?
Not anymore! Womens Adventure Race is designed to create a beginner friendly environment to jump on board the exciting world of adventure racing.

Women Only Adventure Race

Lilydale, Victoria, AU
1 race
Women Only Adventure Race

Adventure racing is for those who desire adventure in their lives, want to get outside, and are keen to explore! If you are someone who is not quite satisfied with running laps at your nearest park or pounding the treadmill at the gym, want something different, more challenging and far more intense and rewarding, multisport racing.

The Grampians Challenge is a classic one-day Multisport race: Lake paddle, Trail run, Mountain bike throughout Grampians National Park.

There is also a 15k Trail run past spectacular McKenzie falls!

Grampians Challenge Multisport & Trail Run

Wartook, Victoria, AU
Grampians Challenge Multisport & Trail Run

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