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The Tour de Pirinexus is a cycling challenge taking place for the second year running in 2018 between 26th - 30th September 2018.

In 2017 we raised funds for ABF The Soldiers Charity. This year we will be fundraising for The Cure Parkinsons Trust - the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinsons.

Based on the Pirinexus route, the event takes place over 3 days and loops between Spain and France over the shoulders of the Pyrenees. Starting in Girona, a cycling hub for over a quarter of pro Tour cyclists, the route will wend along the regions beautiful backroads linking the villages, towns and wonderful wineries of the Empord. 300km in total through an array of stunning mountain and rural landscapes, with the best of local Catalan wine and cuisine to match!

Once you have made the booking through Let's Do This, the Bacchus on Bikes team will be in touch for further details before your trip!

Tour de Pirinexus Cycling Challenge – Autumn


Tour de Pirinexus Cycling Challenge – Autumn

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