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The Brathay 262 is an ultra distance cycling event that involves 10 laps of Windermere, England's largest lake, in 24 hours.

Brathay 262 was the brain child of Paul Sutherland (pictured during the event, right). He ran the Brathay 10in10 in 2015, raising over 3000 to help vulnerable children and young people. Paul said Theres a massive interest in top end cycling events that are technically challenging and take place in stunning settings. A circuit around Windermere ticks all these boxes. Over 10 laps the total ascent is 19,500 feet, the equivalent to cycling up Mount Kilimanjaro, and the distance travelled is 262 miles, equal to a journey from London to Kendal."

Entries to the Brathay 262 are 125 including all meals and accommodation for the duration of the event. Participants also make a commitment to raise 500 in support of Brathay Trust. Places are limited on this event so we are unfortunately unable to guarantee every applicant a place.

Brathay 262

Clappersgate, Cumbria, GB

For those new to cycling or just looking for something a bit less challenging, we bring you the Brathay Breeze. Whether youre new to cycling or want some exercise while waiting for someone on the longer routes, the Brathay Breeze offers a great opportunity for your cycling season.

The Breeze presents an ideal opportunity for an enjoyable family weekend ride or a something gentle for those looking to take it easy. At 15 miles with a total of 1,400 feet of climbing the Breeze is the ideal chance just to have a go at a cycling sportive while enjoying the stunning Lake District scenery.

Brathay Breezer

Clappersgate, Cumbria, GB
1 race

New for this year and kindly named by the team at Bike Bible after tackling our inaugural event, by popular demand we bring you the Brathay Brutal. At 58 miles the Brutal may not be the longest ride out there, but with 6,200 feet of climbing its no small effort!

With the steeper climbs ranging between 20% and 35% you will certainly have to work for your end of ride meal (which is included by the way). With views over the Duddon Valley, Coniston Water and Windermere it is sure to be a scenic ride.

The ride will start from Brathay Hall at 8am allowing plenty of time for everyone to get back for Lunch.

Brathay Brutal

Clappersgate, Cumbria, GB

Building on a combination of our previous route and rides, we bring you a revamped Brathay Belter. Changes to the route following comments from last year result in a 44 mile route with 4,200 feet of climbing, presenting a nice challenge for those looking for a less strenuous ride out than the Brutal.

Covering a combination of the 2016 route and sections from the Brathay Brutal the route offers those looking for a challenge, but something not quite so brutal, the opportunity to enjoy some summer riding. Including climbs such as Blea Tarn, but steering around Wrynose Pass (unlike the Brutal which goes over it), the route isnt flat by any stretch of the imagination.

The ride will start from Brathay Hall at 8am allowing plenty of time for everyone to get back for Lunch.

Brathay Belter

Clappersgate, Cumbria, GB
1 race

A beautiful, challenging marathon course set in England's most spectacular mountain scenery. The Langdale Marathon has a reputation as the toughest road marathon in the UK. Taking in two laps of the Half Marathon course and reaching gradients of 1:3, this stunning marathon attracts both seasoned runners and a large number people looking for their next challenge.

Great Langdale Marathon & Half Marathon

Ambleside, GB