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Imagine a sport that takes you to beautiful, wild places; over craggy hilltops, through mountain tarns, along rugged coastlines and across glittering lakes. Now picture doing all of that with friend by your side - two trailblazers together in the world of endurance sport.

Welcome to Breca, a series of extreme SWIMRUN adventure events. Join us to swimrun in some of the most challenging landscapes in the UK and New Zealand.

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Breca Wanaka is New Zealand's original swimrun adventure through the rugged wilderness of the Southern Lakes District.

Wanaka is a spectacular, challenging landscape for swimrun. Set against the backdrop of the Mt. Aspiring National Park, teams will pit themselves against deep, glacial water; pristine trails, island-hopping and lake crossings.

There are two distances available, The Breca Wanaka and Breca Wanaka Sprint, so take your pick and get in on the action!

Breca Wanaka

Wanaka, Otago, NZ
2 races
NZD $505NZD $780
Breca Wanaka
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The Bay of Islands is the perfect location for swimrun! Famous for its white-sand beaches, pristine islands, lagoons and turquoise waters - this is an awesome event!

The courses follow the classic island-hopping swim run format over the Bay's stunning islands, before the grand finish at the Otehei Bay island resort.

In 2019, for the first time, Breca will be offering two distances:

Breca Bay Of Islands - Full Distance
Date: 14th April 2019 | Run: 25km | Swim: 8.4km

Breca Bay Of Islands Sprint
Date: 13th April 2019 | Run: 15.5km | Swim: 4.5km

Breca Bay of Islands

Northland, NZ
2 races
NZD $495NZD $780
Breca Bay of Islands

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