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Brutal Run

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For 2018 BRUTAL's muddiest race has been revamped to make it even muddier!! There are 2 more marshes and a pond to conquer as well as the familiar hills and bogs. Go for a single 5km or double 10km lap of this mud-fest. This is an excellent race for spectators - who are able to see the runners race through the water a number of times within 100m of the event village.

Brutal Run – Bordon

Bordon, GB
Brutal Run – Bordon

Brutal Bagshot is a two lapped hilly and very wet 10k course. It's called the Alpine Circuit for a reason! Tough, wet and hilly, just the way Brutal runners like it! Brutal10 are off road challenges across the toughest courses in the country. No gimmicky flames and barbed wire or fake ice cubes and hay bales, just the hardest routes across the wildest of countryside. The army uses vehicles to conquer this tough terrain, you'll be relying on your legs alone!

Brutal – Windmill Hill

Camberley, GB
Brutal – Windmill Hill

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