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This is a true cross country event, which contains the best (and worst) of all the natural features on Exmoor, utilising them to provide a proper tough challenge. This hardcore off road challenge is set in the heart of Exmoor National Park. We have been granted special permisson to run this event in such a remote and stunning part of the landscape, because of this, the event is limited to 200 entrants but this makes our event unlike any other.

In this unique event you wont find yourself running between obstacles and then waiting in line to have a go. Every step you take along the route will need to be strategically planned and the few times when you wont need to be watching where you place your feet, you will be taken aback by the sheer remote beauty of our route. Based on the ancient Chains area of Exmoor, the route takes you through some of the most remote parts of the national park. One of our entrants said The route has been very carefully selected, making it very challenging and very rewarding once completed. Our local experts have carefully selected this route to pit you against the raw natural terrain, it has been designed to test your skills and stamina along with your physical and mental strength. Youll find yourself scrambling up and down steep combes, crossing boggy valley heads, swimming across a high moorland lake, going underground and taking in the stunning and remote scenery.

Test yourself against the natural environment, use it to raise money for your favourite charity or just grab some mates and tackle the moor together. Whether youre participating to prove something to yourself, for sponsorship or just for fun, the moor will test you and leave you feeling immensely proud when you cross the line having taken on and conquered Exmoor! Youll be left wanting more!

Man vs Moor

Pinkery Centre, Minehead, United Kingdom
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Man vs Moor

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