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The Perambulation is Exmoor National Parks iconic traditional circular long distance walking event dating back over 725 years.

Are you ready for the Exmoor Perambulation? Youll be participating in a historic event that traces its origins back to the time of Edward I.

This is one of the most challenging walks in the Exmoor annual calendar. During the 31 miles the route follows the boundary of the Royal Forest at the time of its sale in 1818. One great aspect of this event is that much of the route is accessible only with permission of the landowners concerned so youll access parts of the National Park not normally open to the public. Please remember to keep strictly to the route provided, which has been agreed with the landowners youll be given detailed instructions and maps to navigate these sections which do not follow public rights of way. You will also be participating in the continuation of Exmoors rich history.

Completing the full Perambulation is a major achievement, but you also have the half distance option, which starts with the main event but ends at Picked Stones Lane. Here youll be greeted by the Miles tea stop to enjoy a brew while waiting for the complementary mini bus service back to Pinkery. Whichever version you choose (and you dont have to make up your mind until the day of the event), training is highly recommended before you tackle the main event, but the reward is immersion in the natural environment, heritage and spectacular scenery of Exmoor National Park.

Come and be a part of this wonderful events long history. We look forward to seeing you on the start line.

Exmoor Perambulation


Exmoor Perambulation

This is a true cross country event, which contains the best (and worst) of all the natural features on Exmoor, utilising them to provide a proper tough challenge. This hardcore off road challenge is set in the heart of Exmoor National Park. We have been granted special permisson to run this event in such a remote and stunning part of the landscape, because of this, the event is limited to 200 entrants but this makes our event unlike any other.

Man vs Moor


Man vs Moor

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