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This awesome race series makes its fourth stop with Cape York; the northern tip of Australias compass.

This isnt just your usual sort of race however, with Australias roughest elements on show. From the drowning humidity to some insane trails this event is not for part-timer. Be prepared to enter the wild: the Cape North leg starting just outside Bamaga before hitting Australias northern compass points in a there-and-back race.

Cape York

Bamaga QLD, Australia
2 races
AUD $70AUD $145
Cape York
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Welcome to the annual Chempro NGC Dash - the most affordable running half marathon in Queensland!

The Chempro NGC Dash is open to everyone of all ages and sizes. There will be four races ranging from a 2klm junior run, up to the 21klm half marathon for people 16 years and older. We are also adding a 4.2klm fundraising walk to the schedule. The race will be staged on the existing concrete course surrounding the Park's lake but will include a small section of grassed track alongside the lake edge.

The days festivities will include market stalls between 6.30am and 12pm, free drink stations at various check points around the course, providing a carnival- like atmosphere for both spectators and competitors.

Chempro NGC Dash 2019

Oxenford, Queensland, AU
4 races
AUD $10AUD $70
Chempro NGC Dash 2019

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