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We will be camping on Friday prior to the event. On Friday evening we will have a navigation skills seminar as a tune-up for the races on Saturday. These will run from 5 pm until 7pm on Friday. They will be led by experienced adventure racers who can share years of race experience and stories. On Saturday evening after the events we will have a good evening to share stories if you care to join us. Saturday evening camping will also be available.

On Saturday, teams will check in and stage their equipment (bikes, boats) as directed near the start area. Teams must be checked in, have equipment staged and be ready to attend the pre-race briefing at 7:30am. Route instructions and maps will be distributed during the pre-race briefing. Teams will have a few minutes to review the route and maps prior to the start. Teams may remain near the start area to plot routes or adjust equipment once the start has occurred. Part of adventure racing is to quickly prepare for any discipline and quickly plan routes and strategies, or at least the beginnings of them. Continuing to plot and strategize as you move is another adventure race skill.

Gold Rush Adventure Challenge

Angels Camp, California, US