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IGO W114 takes place in big sky country; a land of pristine wilderness where elk, bison, grizzly bears and antelope outnumber humans. Imagine skies that stretch uninterrupted for as far as you can see. Calm lakes rippling in the breeze. Trails winding through miles of untouched forest. The sound of your wheels and the feeling of air rushing past your face as you descend through the forest. The feeling of being stronger and fitter as your body adapts to the motions and exertion. And the satisfaction at the end, knowing that you and your team mates have experienced something truly remarkable.

IGO W114° Montana

Whitefish, Montana, US
1 race

With the towering Atlas Mountains dominating the skyline from nearby Marrakesh, summiting Mount Oukaimeden will leave lasting memories. Wheels rumbling over the desert floor as the sun warms your back. Kayaking across a lake found amid the seemingly unending sand. A sweaty scramble up the side of the mountain, weaving through curious Berber villages before following a deserted track to the peak. A proper adventure awaits.

IGO NW05° Morocco

Marrakesh-Safi, MA
1 race