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Do you want a challenge? Do you want to be pushed both mentally and physically or do you just want to smile and have Fun Well this is the event for you Think cross country meets army assault course meets ninja warrior and a little of teh old school sports day yes we have it all.

Overload is the UK's Ultimate Obstacle course Challenge It is designed to test runners of all abilities Each loop of the course is around 5km long and has approx 40 manmade obstacles to negotiate as well as a few of mothers nature.

1 loop is do-able so long as you can run or walk a parkrun - however will your mental state let you get over, under or through some of our obstacles

2 loops are our race distance - take your time and enjoy it with friends or race it and feel the burn

3 loops - This is where t starts to get serious, that's 120 obstacles and 15k minimum

4 loops - Only 3 people to date have managed this in the 3-hour time limit

5 loop - no one has been brave enough to even attempt it - can you

Overload Run

Ashbourne, GB
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Overload Run

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