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The Newport Pool to Peak Ocean Swim is one of the first ocean swim events in the New Year, and certainly one not to miss.

It takes place on the first Sunday in January, and both the 800m event or the 2km event are a great chance to kick the new years resolution into gear and hit the water.

Both swims offer something for those new to ocean swimming, as well as seasoned veterans.

There is also a 400m swim for the younger swimmers, with 10-14-year-olds able to test their skills just like their parents in a circuit just off the shore.

The beach itself can also pose a challenge.

Newport is an open beach, with shifting breaks, gutters, and rips. Its intensity really depends on the tides, winds and swell, with a reef off the southern end of the beach offering protection to some swells from the South East.

If the conditions are right, it can be a tough swim.

Newport Pool to Peak ocean swim

Newport, New South Wales, AU
Newport Pool to Peak ocean swim

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