Running the Rift

As brutal as it is beautiful, Running the Rift Half & Full Marathon in rural Uganda is something special. Run through villages and banana plantations, through forests and around crater lakes, in hot, equatorial sun at 1600m of altitude. Question your sanity at entering the race and then look up to see the UNESCO Rwenzori Mountains crumble away into the Great Rift Valley. This course is spectacular. The views are like none you've ever seen, the hills and sun just keep on giving and the locals will keep you smiling with their amazing enthusiasm. We are 100% not for profit, with all proceeds going to the Kyaninga Child Development Centre.

The race is part of a week-long event based at Kyaninga Lodge in western Uganda. Join like-minded runners for a unique trip and explore this unspoilt part of Africa with people as adventurous as you!

Running the Rift Marathon


Running the Rift Marathon

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