The Racing Collective

CrossduroScotland... a free 330km self-supported gravel bikepacking race from Inverness to Glasgow run on the first weekend in September each year.

The event is run in enduro format i.e. 5 timed Strava segments, lowest aggregate time wins.

This is the first time the event has been run and is not commercial in nature. The Racing Collective is a new cycling club dedicated to self-supported racing in the UK, run by a few volunteers on an ad hoc basis. You are entirely responsible for your own actions, there will be no support, only turn-up on the start line if you are comfortable with this.

CrossduroScotland17 – #XDS17


CrossduroScotland17 – #XDS17

PenDURO (previously XDUROPennines) is a challenging 170km mixed on and off road loop of the Calderdale and Dark Peak areas taking in some of the finest climbs in England. The route is made up of sections of the Trans Pennine and Pennine Bridleway, two Tour de France climbs and numerous local trails combining to a hearty >3,000m of climbing and enough technical climbing to keep you on your toes.

The ride will be run in XDURO format - 5 timed segments comprised of gravel and road. Lots of time for socialising in the non-timed bits.
Rider with the lowest aggregate time over the segments 'wins'*.

There are no entry fees, no prizes, and there is no support. You are entirely responsible for your own actions, only turn up to ride if you are comfortable with this (see Rules for more details).




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