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The ASICS Oulton Park Half Marathon and 10k are back! Held entirely on the fantastic Oulton Park race track with the finish straight in the pit lane, what a great event to start your road running season with.

The 10k consists of 3 laps; the half marathon consists of 6 laps.This event is an ideal half marathon to prepare for the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon on 8th April or another spring marathon.

**New for 2018** Our excellent pace team from the Manchester Half Marathon will be joining us at this event. They will be on hand to help you achieve your desired finish time. Note- pacers will only be available for the half marathon distance.

Oulton Park Half Marathon & 10k


Oulton Park Half Marathon & 10k

ETU European Sprint Distance Championship Qualifiers - please ensure that you have registered with the BTF if you are looking to qualify.

The sprint distance races will be NON DRAFTING.

The Xtra Mile Events Autumn Duathlon is at the famous Oulton Park Race Track. You have a choice of standard or sprint distance races - run 2 laps (8.61km) for the standard or one for the sprint, then cycle 9 or 5 exhilarating laps on your bike (21.55km or 38.76km), and then finish with one final run lap (both distances 4.307km). Transition will be in the pits, the race is held entirely on the traffic free race track giving you the opportunity to really see how fast you can push your bike on the straights and round the banked hairpin! All finishers receive a fantastic medal and free event photos available for downloading and printing up to A4 size.

Oulton Park Autumn Duathlon


Oulton Park Autumn Duathlon

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