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What do we do?

Simply put, we help you grow your event and find new participants by connecting you with our 500k strong community looking for their next epic experience!

No upfront costs - we win together

Commission based structure for bookings via LDT - if we don't find you any participants then it doesn't cost you a thing

We'll do the heavy lifting

Our team will do the page setup and content design all for you, ensuring your events are well represented and minimal effort for you

Expert insight and advice

Use the power of our data we'll invest in paid marketing campaigns and industry insights that help you get the most out of the partnership

How do we invest in you?

LDT actively invests in the upfront marketing costs to give you more exposure and helping you grow your events, at our own expense, to find you those new participants!

Exposure to our 275k mailing list

Our marketing team love to create campaigns specifically promoting partner events, including in our emails for free

Paid Marketing Campaigns

We fund a range of multi-channel growth tactics including PPC, referrals, paid social, influencers and discount codes to promote your events

Boosted Search

Partnered events are boosted to the top of the >500k event searches on our site every month with the highest quality event pages

LDT Partner Incentives

We’ll test a range of incentives to help fulfil our promise to find you new participants for your events and turn one booking into many

Listing on Runner's World

We power all event listings on Runner’s World. All our partner events automatically get listed there and exposed to a wider audience

Injury Protection policy

We incentivise and fully fund an injury protection policy, designed to help our users make that final step to booking events with our partners

We share your passion for events

We were launched in 2016 by friends Alex and Sam, both passionate runners and cyclist who had experienced the often tough process of finding their next endurance event.

Let's Do This makes it easy, inspiring and seamless for everyone to discover, book and share their perfect event.

We are now a team of over 100, ranging from gold medal Olympians through to 5k first timers, but what we all have in common is a love for what we do, the industry we support and the the experiences we empower others to have.

We make it hassle free

Sync your bookings data

We make it easy to sync your bookings with your current entry platform. Including live integrations with Eventrac, RiderHQ and more on the way

Performance and content

We help you track event page traffic and conversion rate, analyse your event page content and enable you to maximise the success of your events on LDT

Dedicated Partner Success Manager

Always on hand to ensure you get the most value out of the partnership and your brand is well represented with as little effort as possible

Partner stories

“We are so pleased to be working with Let's Do This for the future! Tough Runner has brought a unique style to the participation sports sector and we're delighted to be working with such a motivated team that matches our passion.”

Adam Newton
Founder, Tough Runner UK

"Let's Do This enabled us to get more participants and much more exposure while keeping admin to a bare minimum."

Dave Krangel
Founder, The Fix Events

"Let's Do This has been able to help me find a much more diverse, new audience from across the country to help develop my events."

Simon Hollis
Founder, Run the Wild

We'd love to help you develop your events, let's talk!

We have experience working with organisations of all sizes - our team will
find the best way to support your specific needs.

Madeleine Raynel
Director, Sales & Partner Success

Madeleine’s experience is in the digital space. Having witnessed first hand the power of digital channels to showcase and grow businesses, she’s as passionate at supporting a first-time Event as she is an established sell out success, always keeping the Organiser’s needs and ambitions in focus.

John Kent
Senior Sales Manager

John’s been part of the LDT team for a number of years, so has seen first hand the success of many Organisers as they’ve built their race calendars and ventured into bigger capacity events. Well connected within the industry, John is happy to share experiences and make intros.

Laura Cragg
Sales Manager

Laura’s passion is working with small to medium sized businesses, giving them the tools and support to use digital innovation to drive growth in offline events. With a background in fitness and marketing, her focus is always on defining and delivering success.

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