Demand for Cycling Events Surging in the Post-Covid Landscape

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to a total shift in the way we think about getting around, with cycling now the preferred choice over public transport for many.

As a result, the UK is experiencing unprecedented demand for bicycles, with Hampton Wick based retailer Sigma Sports reporting a 677% Year-on-Year increase in sales during the first national lockdown.

There continue to be widespread stock shortages for many bike models as manufacturers race to catch up, while prices in the second hand market have skyrocketed.

The Impact

This surging popularity in cycling has now trickled down into massive demand for cycling events. Across our site, it’s cycling events whose page visits have risen significantly since January 2020.

The above graph details the percentage ratio of cycling page visits compared to running page visits. Since January 2020, cycling page visits have been steadily rising, and between April 20’ - June 20’ we can see a sharp spike correlating directly to the first national lockdown on March 16th.

These page visits are now transferring into an increase in booking conversion for - bookings divided by page visits - for cycling events, as detailed below.

As above, our booking data shows that cycling events currently enjoy a considerably higher conversion rate than both running and triathlon.

On top of this, James Stone - Race Director at Beyond Events - commented ‘because of the lockdown, the desire for people to be involved in events with others is becoming very apparent. We are seeing demand for cycling events not seen since the 2012 Olympics’.


The above article shows that more and more people now have the equipment they need to partake in events, and even more importantly, they have the desire. Not only do cycling events offer a great outdoor activity, but it’s a social one too, meaning people can still see friends and family during lockdowns. 

While there may already be an increase in the number of cycling events being booked, the hope is more people who are currently only cycling leisurely will turn to events in the future.

The above shows that while the market is still suppressed, especially on the organiser side, demand is still there, and demand for cycling events in particular is showing signs of reemerging stronger than ever after lockdown lifts.

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