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Magic City Half Marathon
5 reviews

Magic City Half Marathon

1500 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233, USAView event
5 reviews
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  • Did the Half Marathon in 2018

    This was my fifth Magic City Half Marathon; I have participated in this event since 2014. I've always enjoyed running this race, but this year was definitely my least favorite. The organizers changed the course to a double loop; hence, we saw much less of the Magic City of Birmingham. I know they were attempting to decrease the elevation and make the course faster for (elite) runners. However, it just ended up being a boring long run for me. It was my slowest effort, even with the lower elevation. I missed running in the historical sections of Birmingham (downtown, Legion Field, Smithfield, Rickwood Field, etc.). Additionally, running past the finish line to begin the second loop was not a great feeling. If I'd known the course had changed this drastically, I probably would have signed up for another race, even if it meant another trip out of town. Next time, I will attend the preview run, if my schedule permits. :)
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2018

    Solid race. Well-organized, sufficiently sized to run fast and have a good time. Course is a double-loop, pretty fast, and relatively free of hazards. One significant hill on each lap, but a pretty flat and fast course for Birmingham. Hassle-free race that I plan on repeating.
  • Did the Half Marathon in 2018

    Prior knowledge of the hill on mile 10
Magic City Half Marathon

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What you need to know about 5k Runs

A 5k run is the perfect distance for a beginner, it’s 3.1 miles and is the shortest and most popular road running distance. It’s a great goal to include in your fitness regime because there’s no pressure, people walk, jog or sprint so it’s totally up to you.

Find local 5k running races

There are loads of great 5k events, they tend to attract a great crowd and are very family orientated. From runs around the London Parks, to night runs and family events, you won’t be short of 5ks to choose from. Most marathon events such as London or Berlin have a 10k and a 5k race as well so it’s worth checking the larger events.

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