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Honolulu Marathon

Join us in Hawaii for the fourth largest marathon in the United States. There is nowhere better to run 26.2 miles than this spectacular course in paradise! There is no time limit and no cap on the number of participants, so come one, come all for Oahu's own annual celebration of running!

$45 - $310
Honolulu Marathon
Kailua Beach 4.4-Mile Run
Kailua, HI, United States

Out and back course. Start near the Kailua Beach Park Boat Ramp. The wave-washed course follows the shoreline to a turnaround point near the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, then back to the start area. The entire course is on the beach. Shoes are optional. Party! All participants are invited to an awards gathering with potluck refreshments afterwards. Though not required, you are encouraged to bring a dish or snack to share! Coolers will be available for items that need to be kept cold.

Kailua Beach 4.4-Mile Run

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What you need to know about Running Events

Running is the world’s most accessible sport. Park runs, colour runs, 5k, 10k, half marathons, marathons and ultras — all you need is a pair of trainers and off you go. Running events are hugely popular on Let’s Do This and it’s a sociable sport, so get some friends involved and achieve something extraordinary.

If you’re starting small, the 5k and 10k events are great fun and definitely worth doing even if you’re training for a bigger challenge further down the line. Getting used to the atmosphere of an event is important. You’re so much more likely to hit a better time if there’s a crowd cheering you on, people in fancy dress and a big celebration at the finish line.

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Today, with international organisations, local clubs and national events to choose from, there are thousands of races to discover, and we want to help you find them quickly and easily. Below you’ll find selections by running type, running location and some exceptional events to take part in.

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