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Most memorable moment of the race?

The mud and the nettles. The start was so boggy and I almost stacked it like 5 times. Then I got ravaged by nettles - definitely makes you run faster.

Why did you enter this run?

I love Maverick’s events, they were some of the first running events I’d ever attended. So when I heard about Dora and the collab with Ultra Black I was keen to get down. The vibe was genuinely amazing, completely different to a normal Maverick event, but in a good way.

How did you get into running?

100% peer pressure. When I started working everyone in the office ran, then my friends took up running, so I took it up too. Then I got addicted. That's why this event was so important - if you see people like yourself doing stuff, then you do it.

What do you love about running?

I'm not sure I love running. I love the feeling I get after running, I love the places I've experienced running, and I love the people running has introduced into my life. But the running itself I'm not sure I love, it's really hard - both before and during. That said, there's definitely something in that struggle which makes the things around it so amazing.

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