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Most memorable moment of the race?

The most memorable experience for me was the vibe. Watching people come through the finish line with the look of both relief, but achievement. Everybody just looked comfortable and relaxed post race and some people were meeting people for the first time, and others were being reunited after years - was just the ultimate get together!

Why did you enter this run?

When I initially had the discussion with Moju about supporting the UBR community, we all came to the decision to support the wider running community whilst bringing UBR members on a training journey. The most beautiful thing about this race was that all parties involved really wanted to create change and share the same values, which is why I believe it worked so well.

How did you get into running?

I got into running many years ago, the goal was just to improve my fitness, and there was no intention to try and run any races or long distances. Until my passion for the sport grew massively, and I wanted to keep hitting those milestones and reaching goals. I then signed up for my first couple of races, and the feeling of achievement, knowing that I once really did not like running, was something very special and something that I want to push moving forward.

What do you love about running?

I love what running can do for people! It can really transform peoples lives and provide with memorable experiences whilst creating and maintaining healthy habits. Running also is a personal journey for everyone, and each story is unique, but can bring so many people from all walks of life, together.

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