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Cirque du Griffith Park 6/12/24 Runs

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Brought to you by Trail Run Events ~ Amazing races in beautiful places ~ Los Angeles is primed for a fabulous timed running event and Trail Run Events is pleased to bring it! Join us at Crystal Springs Picnic Area for 6, 12 or 24 hours of running on the jogging path around the beautiful Harding Golf Course. Located in historic Griffith Park, you can run to your heart's content while the family takes in the sights of Hollywood or just enjoy the many attractions inside the park.

How far can you run, jog or walk in six or twelve hours? You keep going and going and we will calculate your mileage for you. Timed ultra marathon races are super fun because you always have someone to run with and with a flat course and support every 2.43 miles, the miles will add up!

How to enter the Cirque du Griffith Park 6/12/24 Runs

  1. 12-Hour

    Run 12h
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  2. 6-Hour Flex (Saturday - Flexible Start Times)

    Run 6h
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  3. 24-Hour

    Run 24h
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  4. 6-Hour (Sunday - set time)

    Run 6h
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  5. 100 Mile Run

    Run 100mi
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Cirque du Griffith Park 6/12/24 Runs routes

6-Hour or 6-Hour Flex?

  • Saturday 6-Hour race day registration is flexible between the hours of 9:00am and 1:00pm. Please check in with the race timer before you start.
  • Sunday 6-Hour runners must register before the 7:00am start. No late starts on Sunday.

Loop Information

  • Approximately 2.43 miles per loop
  • Approximately 72' gain and loss per loop


  • 100-Mile event will run for 30-hours.
  • 24-Hour Runners who reach mile 90 by 24-hours will be permitted to continue toward 100-Miles to earn the buckle.

Event Details

What’s Included
  • Men's and Ladies' Dri-Fit Race Shirts
  • Customizes belt buckles to runners reaching 100-miles or more
  • Customized Finisher Awards showing your name and total mileage run
  • One aid station stocked with water, Tailwind, sweet and salty ultra snacks; soup and coffee at night
  • Computerized Chip Timing
  • Full access to Crystal Springs Picnic Area for your private use - BYO picnic and BBQ
  • Activities for your non-running friends and family - LA Zoo, Griffith Park Pony Rides & Carousel, hiking, cycling, Hollywood Sign, Golf, Travel Town, Autrey Museum. Close to Hollywood and Griffith Park Observatory.
Raceday Logistics
Start Times

24 Hour starts at 8:00am

12 Hour has a morning start at 8:00am and an evening start at 8:00pm

6-Hour has a relaxed starting time; can start anytime between 9am and 2:00pm

The 100-mile event begins at 8:00am on Saturday and ends at 2:00pm on Sunday. 30-Hours to complete your 100!

Race Day Arrival
  • Race Crew and Volunteers will line up at the Loz Feliz entrance between 4:30am and 5:00am.
  • Runners may enter the park beginning at 5:30am. Please do not attempt to line up before 5:30am - It's important to get our o'dark early Volunteers into the park before the Runners enter.
  • Bib Pickup and Event Day Registration for 24/12 Runners begins at 6:00am.​
  • Bib Pickup and Event Day Registration for 6-Hour Runners starts at 7:00am and continues until 1:45pm.
  • The 6-Hour has a flexible start time; you may begin anytime from 9:00am up until 2:00pm. Please check in with the Timer before beginning your event
Pacers, Crews, Etc.

You may set up a 10x10 shade cover on the lawn adjacent to the race course. Family and friends may crew you at this location.

Pacers will be allowed after 11:00pm.

Age Limits

Runners must be at least 18 y/o to run the race.

Shirt Sizing

Shirts and shirt sizes are not guaranteed for runners who register after May 15.


  • Park hours are 5:00am to 10:30pm. No one may exit or enter the park outside of these hours. If you are inside the park after 10:30pm, you must stay until morning.
  • Quiet hours in the park are in effect until the event start. Please park and head to the check-in area in a quiet manner.
  • 25 mph speed limit strictly enforced inside the park.
  • Credit will be given only for laps completed. Runners must complete a lap before the clock expires to receive credit for mileage run during that lap; no credit will be given for partial laps.
  • Runners are responsible to determine if there is enough time on the clock to complete an additional 2.43-mile lap before the clock expires.
  • Participants who arrive late for their start will be credited only for the laps they complete before ther end of their event.
  • CREWING is permitted but may not be done on the actual race course. To meet with your crew, please cross over to the Runner Village on the grass.
  • No pacing is permitted during daylight hours!
  • Pacing will be permitted during nighttime hours for 24 and 100 runners only!
  • Saturday 6-Hour race day registration is flexible between the hours of 9:00am and 1:00pm. Please check in with the race timer before you start.
  • Sunday 6-Hour runners must register before the 7:00am start. No late starts on Sunday.
  • Runners must present photo ID to pick up their bibs.
  • Please bring $1.00 in a white envelope with your full name printed on the front.
  • Bibs must be clearly visible on your front side at all times.
  • There will be a Runner Briefing about 10-minutes before each start. Please be quiet and listen to instructions for your safety and the safety of others.
  • If you require vegan, gluten free or anything out of the ordinary, please bring your own and keep it at your rest area. We will be happy to warm food for you at the kitchen.
  • The event will not distribute electrolytes or medications of any kind. The use of NSAIDs (advil, aleve, etc.) is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED because they have been implicated with a risk of Rhabdo and kidney failure among ultra runners.
  • All runners must yield right-of-way to equestrians (horses) on the course.
  • Slower runners and walkers, please stay to the right side of the trail to allow runner passing on your left.
  • Faster runners, please pass on the left. Make your intentions known, ie. "passing on your left please".
  • The use of audio devices is allowed however per RRCA Regulations, we will enforce a one-ear-bud rule.
  • Littering will get you DQd and banned from future events.
  • Please do not use the race course as your "bathroom". This will also get you DQd and banned. Toilets will be available to you every 2.43 miles placed near the rest area.
  • No rudeness or arguing with event officials; all volunteers are event officials. Throwing a tantrum will also get you DQd.
  • Runners who dress up in Circus theme characters will be eligible for Costume Awards.
  • You may set up your own little rest area on the grass. 24-Hour Runners have Priority Location for their tents and pop-ups. Shade covers are permitted but may not have "branding". Branding means advertising.
  • Overnight runners may set up a 2-person tent; no large tents are permitted.
  • Griffith Park does not allow "branding" on tents or pop-ups. Your club name on your pop-up is considered "branding". If you bring branded equipment, the Event Monitor will collect $250 from you!
  • The park rules state that no tent stakes be put in the ground. If you need to tie down your pop-up, please hang gallon water jugs from each corner.
  • Location priority is given as follows:
  • ​100-Mile and 24-Hour runners will set up closest to the course..
  • Overnight 12-hour runners will be next in priority meaning behind the 24 runners.
  • Daytime 12-hour runners will be next in priority meaning behind the overnight runners.
  • 6-hour runners will be last in priority meaning behind everyone else.
  • ​The 2.43-mile path is open to public use on event day. You may encounter other runners or walkers and even an occasional horse.
  • Children are not permitted on the race course or at the race kitchen at any time. Please have your children stay in the Runner Village on the grass.
  • Race food is for runners only! Family and friends must bring their own food/drinks.
  • This is a “no smoking” event.
  • No bicycles on the race course.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times and may not be on the race course.
  • No baby joggers on the race course.
  • BBQs are okay but no open fires please.
  • There is no alcohol permitted in the park.
  • There is wildlife in Griffith Park including but not limited to coyotes, mountain lions, skunks, rattlesnakes, racoons, that may wander into the picnic area. Please have your children and dogs under supervision at all times.
  • Do not feed the wildlife.
  • All rules are non-negotiable. Event officials reserve the right to enforce rules and/or to create new rules as necessary, up to and including on event day.​
  • RISK: You are running at your own risk. You assume any and all financial responsibility that may be incurred in the event you require emergency evacuation from the course, including but not limited to air evacuation.

Cirque du Griffith Park 6/12/24 Runs weather forecast

Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Predicted highs
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IconLight breeze possible, up to 7mph

Meet the organizer

​Trail Run Events, LLC is home to Los Angeles County's premier trail races held in the pristine backcountry of the Santa Monica Mountains. Established in 2002 by Ultra Ladies Running Club, Trail Run Events offers beautiful and challenging trail runs for beginners and veterans alike. While you are enjoying the peaks and valleys, we are working behind the scenes to provide you the best in quality and safety in your trail running experience while preserving the integrity of our pristine backcountry trails.

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