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Diablo Summit Stomp

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Good for beginners

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Discover the beauty of Mount Diablo!

All courses are on trails. While there are some hills, this event, like all Brazen Racing runs, is very friendly to first-time trail runners and experienced runners alike. Depending on the weather, all distances may include mud and creek crossings!

Walkers/hikers are welcome in all distances.

How to enter the Diablo Summit Stomp

  1. 30K

    Run 30km
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  2. Half Marathon

    Run 13.1mi
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  3. 10K

    Run 10km
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  4. 5K

    Run 5km
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Diablo Summit Stomp routes

The longer you go, the more you see and experience! Courses are all on dirt trails, heading out from Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek, heading into Mount Diablo State Park – all the way to the summit for the 30K.

Each course will be marked with colored ribbons, signs, and flour. Runners unfamiliar with the courses should carry a copy of the course map to ensure they stay on course.

Event Details

What’s Included

All runners will receive custom finisher medals and t-shirts. There will be age-group medals for the top finishers in each category.

Raceday Logistics

Raceday Registration:

It is possible that the race is 100% sold out before race day. Updates will be posted on the race website. If you do not see the race noted as sold out here or on the race home page, you will be okay to sign up on race morning, starting at 7:15 a.m. Race day registration is an additional $5 from the final online registration price.

Bib Pick-Up:

Runners have three options for picking up their bibs and shirts:

1. Mail-out service (available for a fee when registering).
2. Your bib and shirt can be picked up at Forward Motion Sports in Danville on Thursday, October 31 (10 am - 7 pm) or Friday, November 1 (10 am - 3 pm).
3. Pick up on race morning (not recommended).

In order to avoid race morning stress and avoid having to arrive even earlier, we strongly recommend choosing options 1 or 2. If you are unable to take advantage of those first two options, race morning pick-up will still be available, but you should aim to arrive 70-90 minutes ahead of your race start to account for lines.

Water Stations:

Water stations will be stocked with water, sports drink, gels, pretzels, candy, etc.

We recommend all 10K, half marathon and 30K runners carry at least 2 bottles or a large hydration pack (or both).




The 30K will start at 8:15 am and the course will have a time limit of 6.5 hours.

On-Course Cut-Offs – 30K runners must reach the following aid stations by the times listed – 

Aid Station #3 (helipad aid, first visit at approximately mile 9): 11:15

Aid Station #4 (summit aid, approximately mile 12): 12:45

Aid Station #5 (helipad aid, second visit at approximately mile 15): 1:45

30Kers – "Make a deal with El Diablo":

If you are in the 30K and you reach Aid Station #3 (mile 9) any time before 12:30, you will be allowed to "make a deal with El Diablo" and switch to the half marathon mid-race. Those who take the deal will be counted as official finishers of the half marathon, but will not be eligible for any overall or age group awards. Instead of being listed with an age group division, their results will be listed in the "surrender" category.

Half Marathon Cutoffs:

Half marathon runners must reach Aid Station #3 (helipad aid, approximately mile 9) by 12:30. If any half marathon participant arrives at this aid station after 12:30, they will be asked to accept a ride back to the start area.

The half marathon will start at 8:30 am and the course will have a time limit of 4.5 hours. Runners must reach the 3rd aid station, Curry Point (mile 7.9) by 11:30 am.


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I am a very slow runner. Am I going to be out of place?

You won't be out of place at all. Our races are planned for participants of all abilities, including walkers/hikers.

Can I wear headphones?

Yes, but we ask that you keep the volume down at a safe level so that you can hear other runners or instructions from event personnel. We also ask that you remove them, or, at the very least, remove one ear bud when you are coming to aid stations, in a large crowd or on more technical or difficult sections of the course. The important thing is paying attention to everyone's safety and maintaining basic race etiquette with other runners.

Do you offer a group discount? Frequent runner discount? Family discount? Coupon? Special break for running more than one race?

We do not.

Will there be somewhere to leave my warm-up clothes?

Yes, there will be a sweat-check area and these will be checked in and watched over by a volunteer. Bags for storing your sweats will be available if you do not bring your own. Please do not leave valuables in your sweat bags – we cannot be responsible for these items.

Can my dog run with me during the race?

Unfortunately no. As much as we love dogs and running with our own, not everyone is comfortable being around dogs (even if leashed) and for reasons of safety (for those with two legs and four) we ask runners not to bring their dogs along for the race.

Will the race be cancelled if it rains?

No. The race will be held, rain or shine. Courses may be modified to account for weather conditions.

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Diablo Summit Stomp weather forecast

Partly cloudy throughout the day.

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Predicted lows
IconLight breeze possible, up to 6mph

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Good for beginners

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