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Estes Park Marathon

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Distances in this event

  1. 10K

    Run 10km
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  2. 5K

    Run 5km
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  3. Half Marathon

    Run 13.2mi
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  4. Marathon

    Run 26.2mi
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  5. Kids' Fun Run (4-5 years)

    Run 0.2km
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  6. Kids' Fun Run (6-8 years)

    Run 0.4km
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  7. Kids' Fun Run (9-10 years)

    Run 0.8km
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  8. Kids' Fun Run (11-12 years)

    Run 1mi
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Event details

  • Mixed
  • Mountainous
  • Finisher’s medal
  • Trails
  • 750 participants

From the organizer

Organizer's website

The Estes Park Marathon is one of Americas most scenic marathon courses! Runners enjoy our new road course that is surrounded by glorious 360 degree views of Rocky Mountain National Park. Starting with an inspiring 1500 ft descent, within the first 6.5 miles, runners will find their rhythm and strong pace for an exceptional marathon race. As with all great journeys, the mountainous beauty will encourage you to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of the climbs and feel the thrill of several scenic downhills. Share the celebration and joy of running with us! Runners World magazine recommends this destination race, for a reason!

This event is a part of the Colorado Mountain Half Series.

Course Maps
What’s Included

All finishers will receive a fantastic 2019 Estes' Park medal!

Course Details

Full Marathon
First Half: From the start line runners will enter northbound, scenic Colorado State Highway 7 and descend for 3.7 miles. Runners will turn right onto Fish Creek Road. At Fish Creek Road, runners will continue descending for an additional 3 miles to Scott Ave., turning left to access the Scott Ponds Trail (paved). For a little over a one mile, runners climb 14o ft to the Hwy 7 bike path. At Avalon Drive, runners leave the path and descend to Acacia Drive, which joins Fish Creek Road again. Runners turn left onto Fish Creek Road and continue to descend to Brodie Avenue. Turning left at Brodie Ave., Runner’s will enter the Lake Estes Trail multi-use path that winds thru Stanley Field to Lake Estes pedestrian tunnel. Once thru the tunnel (Lake Estes shoreline), turn left (clock-wise) around Lake Estes to the Highway 34 pedestrian tunnel (north east).

Second half of marathon: Leaving Lake Estes Trail, via north pedestrian tunnel, runners join the Dry Gulch multi-use trail/sidewalk heading north (Mile Marker 12.5 on the course). At close to mile 13.25, runners will turn left onto Ptarmigan Trail (Shephard of the Mountains Lutheran Church), and semi-circle back to Dry Gulch Rd. Turn left and continue to climb to top of Dry Gulch Road (close to 2 miles). At the aid station, turn left and continue to CR43 and descend on Devils’ Gulch Road. At MacGregor Avenue, and East Wonderview Avenue turn left up to the main entrance to the historic Stanley Hotel. Passing the Aspire Residential Center, runners will turn right onto Steamers Drive and down the hill to Highway 34. Runners will turn left onto wide shoulder heading east on Highway 34 to Elk Trail Court.Turn Left onto Elk Trail Court.

From Elk Trail Court, the course winds through an open residential area that is mostly flat or downhill. Runners will connect to Dry Gulch Road at Raven Ave, taking the multi-use trail back thru the Highway 34 pedestrian tunnel to Lake Estes Tunnel. Turn RIGHT after tunnel, following the Lake Estes Trail counter-clockwise to the southern pedestrian tunnel again and up to Brodie Ave entrance to the Estes Park High School track and Field. Complete less than one lap of the track counter clockwise and be greeted by enthusiastic crowds at the finish line!

Course Marking: Following the green markings

Half Marathon:
The Estes Park Half Marathon course starts at the Dao House, on CO Highway 7. Runners will line up at the lower parking lot, next to the pond. Runners will enter northbound Hwy 7 and descend the very scenic route to Fish Creek Road (FCR). Turning Right onto FCR, runners will pass the second aid station and first Porta-Potty at mile 4. Continuing down FCR, runners will descend a total of 1500 ft to Brodie Ave. Runners will turn left and take an immediate right to enter the Lake Estes Trail (paved with some dirt shoulder room). Passing the Dog Park and thru the pedestrian tunnel, runners will go clockwise around Lake Estes, up Mall Road and down the path that parallels the cause-way. Runners will turn left into the pedestrian tunnel and continue following the Lake Estes Trail to Brodie Ave. Turning right up the short climb on Brodie Ave, runners will enter the Estes Park High School Track, and finish with a 300m lap to the finish line in front of BOBCAT STADIUM!

Course Marking: Follow the green markings

The 10K course start line is EAST of the Middle School building (parking lot area, above Stadium). Runners will pass in front of the Middle School entrance and head westward, merging left onto Manford Avenue. Turn left up Community Drive to the Aquatic Center driveway entrance, turn left following driveway to Elementary School entrance. Meander back to start line area. Turn right out of driveway and turn left down Brodie Avenue and enter bike path at left before Fish Creek Road. Follow bike path, past dog park and through tunnel under highway 36. Turn right onto Lake Estes Trail, heading counter clock-wise, around Lake Estes. Runners will stay on path that follows along Mall Road and into Wapiti Meadows. An aid station will be at the NE pedestrian tunnel, close to 2.5 miles. Runners will continue on the Lake Estes Trail to the dog park pedestrian tunnel, follow trail passing the dog park and Stanley Park to Brodie Avenue. Turn right for a short uphill before entering the track and field at the SE corner. Complete less than one lap of the track counter clockwise and be greeted by enthusiastic crowds at the finish line!

Course Marking: Follow the yellow 10K signs on the paths and roads


Our lake side 5K course continues to grow in popularity for the elite runner and recreational jogger. Featuring grand views of Longs Peak and Mount Meeker to the south and the Mummy Range to the north, race participants are able to enjoy their love for running at the worlds most beautiful location! Following the bike path around Lake Estes, connects each participant with the joy of being fit and appreciation for living life fully. This run is perfect for the entire family and group of friends to experience together!

Runners start at the Estes Park Marina, near the Estes Park Resort. Runners follow the northern bike path, counter-clockwise, around the lake to the pedestrian tunnel. Runners enter tunnel, pass the Dog Park area and follow path to Brodie Ave turning right uphill to track and field entrance on the right side of Brodie Avenue, and run less than one lap to finish line on track counter clockwise and be greeted by enthusiastic crowds at the finish line!

Kids' Fun Run:

In the spirit of fun, age categories and distances are as follows:

  • 4 -5 years and younger 200m
  • 6-8 years 400m
  • 9-10 years 800m
  • 11-12 years 1 mile
  • All runs are located at the Track and along the Lake Estes Trail.
  • There will be a medal for every finisher and spot prizes!
  • This will be our 7th KIDS FUN RUN! – each of the previous year’s have been a big success. We invite you to come and join in the fun for 2019!
Raceday Logistics

Start times:
5:30 am - Walkers (all races)
6:00 am - Full Marathon
6:30 am - Half Marathon
8:00 am - 10K
8:00 am - 5K
11:00 am - Kids' Fun Run

Start Support: The Dao House will provide water, coffee, juice and restrooms while runners wait for the start. Clothes drop bags will be provided at start line for retrieval at finish line. Porta Potties provided near start line.

Aid Stations & Water Stations: Provided approximately every 2 miles. Beginning at MM4, Aid stations offer: VFuel Endurance Gels, Honey Stinger waffles & chews, Gatorade. Water Stations offer: Water & Gatorade.

Public Restrooms & PP: PP located at all Aid Stations. Public Restrooms are located along the Lake Estes Trail.

Gear Drop-Off: Runners are welcome to wait inside the Dao House main lodge before the start of the marathon and half marathon races. If runners prefer to leave any gear, plastic bags will be provided for runners to mark with their identification bib tag. Gear pick-up is provided at the finish line. The Estes Park Marathon & Half Marathon and the Estes Park Running Club is not responsible for any lost materials or gear.


Recommended viewing areas include the start and finish lines, downtown Estes Park, the Visitor’s Center (where Highway 34 meets Highway 36), and along Dry Gulch Road (CO RD 63E) and CO RD 61.


Volunteer positions are available throughout the race weekend, for varying time durations and locations. All volunteers receive an Event Staff shirt. Whether you can spare 2 hours, or the whole weekend, we can use your help! Please email us and ask to be assigned, [email protected]


AWARDS: Age Group Awards for the Marathon & Half-Marathon: 19 & under, 20–29, 30–39, 40–49, 50- 59, 60- 69, 70 -79, 80+. Overall Masters category- 40 years and older.

AWARD PICK-UP: Marathon awards will be available to be picked up at the finish line award’s table. The awards table will be located on the field. There wont be an awards ceremony, but we congratulate our top finishers in advance! If you know that you will not pick up your award at the finish line, please let us know and pay $5 at registration for shipping/handling. Thank you!

Q: What time do the courses close?
A: 1:00pm local time

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Sorry, we love our pets too, but this is not the best time for them. Pets are not allowed on the courses. There is a dog park, with lake access, near the start/finish lines (Hwy 36 and Community Dr.). Dogs left in hot vehicles will be reported to Animal Control.

Q: Can I push my child while I run?
A: No. Parts of our course have little or no shoulder, and auto traffic will be present. We’re concerned about your safety and that of your child and therefore request that you don’t use strollers or baby joggers.

Q: Can I wear headphones while I run?
A: We want participants to be safe and aware of their surroundings. Headphones create an unsafe situation in groups and they inhibit a person’s ability to hear the warning signs around them (i.e., a competitor, vehicle or wildlife approaching from behind). We recommend that you not wear headphones during the race.

Q: Are walkers allowed on the course?
A: Walkers are allowed—and encouraged—to participate in all the races. With a 7-hour course limit for the marathon, walkers will have time to complete the full course depending on walking pace. This equates to roughly 16 minutes per mile, or a speed of about 3.7 miles per hour. There is a common start at 5.30 AM for runners and walkers. Participants will be asked to line up at the starting line according to their expected finish time, so walkers should position themselves accordingly. We suggest the Half Marathon for those needing more than 7-hours to complete course.