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Everglades Ultras

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Are you an ultra-runner? A half-marathoner? Looking for a great trail race in South Florida? EVERGLADES ULTRAS has a place saved just for you! Join us in Copeland, FL, near Everglades City, for the seventh annual EVERGLADES ULTRAS trail races at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve. This is the Real Deal, Folks! We guaranty you've never run anything like it. But register early: the overall runner limit for 2019 will be 300.

How to enter the Everglades Ultras

  1. 50 Mile Ultra

    Run 50mi
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  2. 50 Kilometer Ultra

    Run 50km
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  3. 25 Kilometer Run

    Run 25km
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Everglades Ultras routes

Three distinct trail races of 50 miles and 50 kilometers (31 miles) and 25 kilometers (15.6 miles). The races are fully aid-station supported. Note: The Fakahatchee is a wilderness area and nature preserve.  Many miles of trails are cleared in advance of race day. Overgrown portions of some trails are literally re-opened by hand just a few days before the race. Routes are subject to change from year-to-year due to weather-related park conditions.

The three race routes may include swampy areas, grassland prairie and wooded uplands. Most swamp trails were originally old logging “trams”—i.e., raised road-beds—used to haul logs out of these areas. Certain of the trams have been maintained by Fakahatchee staff and volunteers for access to various sections of the park, but remember that these are rugged areas. Many will be uneven and are likely to have plant growth on them. In some areas of the course, the running surface will be grass or other trimmed plant material, rocky ground, dirt or mud, and there are areas with cypress roots, or “knees”, extending above the ground.  These create very real tripping hazards, which can cause injury.  If there is standing water in any area, work-arounds will be created if at all possible so no one is trudging through water on race day. The last few miles of each race will be run along “Jane’s Scenic Drive”, a gravel and dirt road that is open to automobiles which can kick-up dust.  You might consider bringing a bandana or buff to cover mouth and nose if this condition exists those final few miles.

Event Details

Included with your entry fee:

  • Medals for each individual finisher, all races.
  • Official race shirt and runner bag for each athlete.
  • Goodies raffle.

Unique awards, reminding you of your experience in the Fakahatchee, will be presented to winners in all categories listed below. Every year is different. Awards for 2019 will be announced well in advance. You will definitely want to run your best on race day to take home one of these special EVERGLADES ULTRAS awards!

Saturday, March 9, 2019. The 50 mile race start is at 6:00am; cut-off is 8:30pm. The 50 kilometer race begins at 7:30am, with cut-off at 7:30pm. The 25 kilometer race begins at 9:00am with a 7:00pm finish cut-off time. A required orientation will be presented before each race at the starting line, with optional packet pick-up, orientation and park history with the Fakahatchee Manager on Friday at 5:00pm.

Drop Bags (Personal Items)
Specific aid stations are designated sites for drop bags.  For 2019, these are Gate 19, Wellgrade Road, Mocassin Corner and Gate 7.  In addition, Gate 12 will be a drop-off site for 50-milers headlamps or other items**.  The aid station at Gate 7 is a good location for 50-mile competitors to leave headlamps or flashlights in a drop bag in the event they will be on the course after nightfall.  (After dark, you will be off the trails and on Janes Scenic Drive, but it is virtually impossible to see after dark without a light.)  **Headlamps or extra clothing used by 50-mile runners at the start of their race may be left at the Gate 12 aid station so they don’t have to be carried all day. Place them in ziploc bags available at the aid station; write runner’s name. These will be returned to the finish line for retrieval after the race. In general, runners may choose to leave food, drink mixes, changes of clothing, foul weather gear or other items at any of the designated drop-bag sites.  On Friday afternoon at the orientation session, or on Saturday morning before each race, runners will be able to place drop bags into specially designated containers for delivery to the aid station.  All bags must show clearly the runner’s name, race number AND aid station name. Bags will be delivered to each station indicated and handed to the runner when he/she arrives at that checkpoint. After the race, all bags will be returned to the finish line for runners to retrieve. Note that the race organization, officials and volunteers will do their best to safeguard these items and get them to the finish line before each runner completes the course.  However, due to the sometimes primitive conditions and distances, their return or condition cannot be guaranteed, either en route or at the conclusion of the race. It will be the runner’s responsibility to retrieve his/her drop bags prior to leaving the park.

Fully stocked and staffed aid stations throughout the course. Park rangers on UTVs supporting the race throughout the venue.  Burgers and beverages and more under the big tent at the race finish! Runner drop bags allowed at strategic locations.

Dropping Out
If you choose to drop for any reason, go to the nearest aid station if at all possible, or simply wait for a marshal.  Aid station volunteers will radio race marshals to assist your exit from the course.

Pacers and crew are not allowed on the course.  Runners should be prepared to receive support only from the aid stations and their own drop bags.


Headphones, ear-phones, i-Pods and the like will NOT be allowed on the course.  Runners must remain alert and focused on their surroundings at all times.  Cell phones may be carried but will not have reception in some sections of the course.


LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND.  If you don’t find a trash receptacle, carry it with you until you do.  The Fakahatchee is pristine; let’s leave it that way.

Trekking Poles

Runners will be allowed to use trekking poles during the race.

Park Rules

Florida State Parks have their own list of rules.

Medical Issues

If possible, go to the nearest aid station.  Most aid stations will be equipped with communications equipment and basic first aid kits.  Volunteers will assist and call for support as appropriate.  If incapacitated, use the whistle.  Race marshals will respond as promptly as possible.

Safety for runners and race volunteers, care for the park and its inhabitants and fair competition drive these rules.  Stay alert!  Watch your footing along these trails.  Some may be wet, muddy or rutted—and maybe a combination of the three –and certain sections have rock outcroppings and Cypress “knees” to navigate.  These can cause injury.  Keep your eyes open for animals and poison ivy, too!  Respect for the environment at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park and the privacy and property of the people who own homesteads within the park boundaries round out these rules.  (Yes, there are a few privately owned camps here.)  Everyone will be expected to take each rule seriously and to display courtesy, good taste and sportsmanship at all times. Leave no footprint behind; carry all trash and recyclables with you and dispose of appropriately.   Race marshals will be traversing the route on all-terrain vehicles throughout race day to monitor the course and assist runners as needed.

Aid Stations
Aid stations will be positioned strategically, typically between 2 and 6 miles, for all races. Each will be fully stocked with an assortment of food including fruit, potatoes, PB&J and other items, water, ice, sports drink, soft drinks, electrolyte replacement product, bug spray, sun block, “Trail Toes” or similar anti-friction product, basic first aid items and much more.
Portable toilets will be located at certain aid stations that can be accessed by truck.  Remember that this is wilderness!
Pacers and crew support are NOT allowed on the course. Plan your race to take advantage of aid station support and your own drop bags.

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