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Ragnar Relay Reach The Beach

Run 203mi

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  1. Reebok Ragnar Reach The Beach

    Run 203mi
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Reebok Ragnar Reach the Beach (RTB), happening Sept. 13-14 is more than a relay race; its an overnight adventure, yearly tradition and community celebration all rolled into one. And as always, NO volunteers are required.

As the East Coasts oldest running relay, this race boasts some of our best community support, with decorated exchanges, volunteers in full costume and even neighbourhood block parties. We couldnt ask for a warmer welcome for our amazing runners.

Course Maps
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What’s Included
    You will receive a Runner's Bible containing all the information you could possibly need!
    Ragnar village
Course Details

Start your adventure in Bretton Woods, where your team will run along alpine lakes, rolling hills, covered bridges and scenic expanses. From ski slopes to the beach, there’s nothing quite like New England in the fall, and you’ll get to experience every mile of it.

Finish the race at Hampton Beach, yes it’s really right on the beach, with your entire team crossing the finish line right along with you, cheering you on in celebration. Relax, together, while you dip your feet in the Atlantic Ocean to reflect on accomplishing what you could never do alone.

Raceday Logistics

Start Line:Location:

Bretton Woods Ski Area, 99 Ski Area Road, Bretton Woods, NH 03575


    Van1 must check in at the Start Line at least 1 hour before their official start time. If Van1 checked in at the PPU on Thursday, just show up at the Start Line ready to run 20 minutes before their official start time.
    Van2 must check in at Exchange 6 at least one hour before starting their legs. This takes some coordinating with
    Van1. Refer to your pace calculator to have an idea of when Van1 will be arriving at Exchange 6. If Van2 checked inat the PPU on Thursday, just show up at Exchange 6 ready to run 20 minutes before Van1 arrives at Exchange 6.

When checking in, EACH VAN must present the following items:

1. Two (2) flashlights or headlamps* (team needs a total of at least 4)

2. Six (6) reflective vests* (team needs a total of at least 12)

3. Two (2) LED tail-lights*(team needs a total of at least 4)

*Ultra teams only need to check in once, at either the PPU or the Start Line, with enough equipment for one van.

Kit List

Your team captain will receive a full packing list nearer to the event, with all the info you will need, however the basic necessities are as follows:

    safety gear

Trail Running Gear and Camping Gear
Trail running is different than road running and thus the gear needed changes. Check out a list of essential trail running and camping gear for the event on the race webpage in the Updates and Training sections.
Headlamp – Every person (runner, friends, family, crew, etc) at the race should have a good headlamp. We recommend one with 70 lumens or more. Water Container – Every runner should run with a water container of some sort. Some of the loops will have water stations but all will be CUPLESS WATERSTATIONS.


When you’re not running, you’ll be partying with your team and other runners at Ragnar Village - think campfire stories, s’mores, live music, round the clock food vendors (no joke) and even time to roll out those sore legs.


Safety Tips

In addition to wearing the required safety gear (headlamp, taillight, and safety vest), here are Ragnar’s safety tips for running at night:

  1. Run Without Headphones
  2. Run with your Phone
  3. Have a Plan to Check-in with Your Team
  4. Bring a Personal Safety Device
  5. Run with Others
  6. Know your options: Pacers and the “Buddy Pass” (*Check the Race Bible for more details)
  7. Don’t Ignore your Instincts
  8. Amenities – Food, Showers, Activities:
    Food – Although every race is different, we provide a Friday night dinner to each runner and strive to have great meal options for purchase for all other meals during the event. Check out the Village section of the race webpage and the race specific Runner Packet for all of the details on food. We recommend that you also bring team food. Treat it just like a camping trip with 7 friends. And please note, Ragnar strives to provide vegetarian options at all meals but other food preferences (gluten-free, vegan, etc) are not always available. Please consider bringing your own food if you have specific dietary requirements.

    Do I run the whole thing by myself? No. Ragnar is about doing something together you could never do alone. Teams of up to 12 run relay style from the start to end. On Road, the race is divided into 36 sections (called legs) and on Trail, the race has three loops. You’ll tag team it. Runner one will run the first leg or loop and you’ll meet them at the first handoff point. Then, Runner 2 will take over, and so-on-so-forth until everyone has run three legs or loops.

    Do I run the whole thing by myself? There are two types of teams at a Ragnar: crazy and crazier. Or, more commonly known as a regular team (12 people for Road and 8 people for Trail) and an ultra team (6 people for Road and 3 for Trail). Each team type can register different divisions such as all women or all men teams, military, corporate, CrossFit, etc.

    How many miles do you run as part of a team? Ragnarians will run anywhere from 12 to 25 miles (or double that on an ultra-team) divided into three sections. The exact mileage varies by race. Visit the event page, scroll down to the map, and click the down arrow next to “runner distances” to view your mileage.

    How do you know where to go? If Dorthy and her Oz crew were to write a song about Ragnar, it would go something like “Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the bright blue signs.” Throughout the 200-mile course are reflective signs attached to bright orange cones or posts. When running, you’ll do the touch-and-turn method. So, you’ll run up to the sign, touch it, and then head in the direction it points. You also have the option of bringing along your phone with the downloaded Ragnar App, including a map of the course and that blinking blue dot that tells you where you’re at in comparison to where you’re supposed to be.

    Do I have to be fast? Anyone can run a Ragnar, as long as you train. We require that teams have an overall pace of 11 min/ mile. This means that you can balance your paces throughout your team. (For example, if one person on your team runs a 14 min/ mile pace, have someone that runs a 8 min/mile pace so that you have an overall pace of 11 min/ mile.) The most important thing is that every team that starts is allowed to finish. If you’re running behind schedule, Ragnar Staff or the “Race Command” will work with you so that you finish before the cutoff.

    Do you have to run at night? Typically yes. Ragnar are overnight running relay races that take on average 24-36 hours to complete. Most runners will have at least one run that’s at night, in the dark. But depending on the time of year, and daylight savings it is possible that you might not run in the dark. You’ll don your safety vest, headlamp and head off into the dark. And despite your initial fear of bears, you may find, like many others, that the night run is the best part of a Ragnar Relay. It’s a time to bask in peace and quiet, to gaze at the stars and run a little faster than you normally do. If you’re still nervous, you have the option to bring along a pacer or your phone. Next thing you know, you’ll be addicted to runs in the dark.

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