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Ragnar Relay Trail Richmond

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Ragnar Trail has joined forces with Sports Backers to bring you Ragnar Trail Richmond-VA. This wild, fun and rewarding overnight trail running experience takes place just outside of Richmond at Pocahontas State Park over the weekend April 26-27 2019.

How to enter the Ragnar Relay Trail Richmond

  1. Ragnar Trail Relay - Regular Team - 12 People

    Run 15.4mi
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  2. Ragnar Trail Relay - Ultra Team - 6 People

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  3. Ragnar Trail Relay - High School Team - 12 People

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Ragnar Relay Trail Richmond routes

You and your team of 8 (or 4) runners go over the river and through woods to Ragnar Village, your home away from home for the long weekend. You’ll set up camp and prepare to conquer a series of three pristine trail loops, relay-style. As each runner sets off, you can expect to catch glimpses of the shimmering lake views of both Beaver Lake and Swift Creek Lake through the deep foliage. As the sun sets, the race doesn’t stop. Runners keep going beneath a canopy of (about) a billion stars overhead and watch the moon rise.LOOP DESCRIPTION:

This Loop leaves the Village along with the Red Loop, and takes you out to the main section of mountain bike trails in the park. After ¾ of a mile, you’ll split right from Red and the single-track adventure begins! The trail has a great flow, leaving you with a fleet feet feel. Around mile 2.5 the trail turns to double-track for a short bit before a quick turn that spits you back onto single-track down to Beaver Lake. For the next mile the trail is pretty constant, offering some great views of the lake. Before you know it, you’ll re-join Red , cross the spillway and climb back up to the Village.

Event Details

You will be sent a fully detailed Runner's Pack, including all vital information you will need for the weekend!


Pocahontas State Park, 10301 State Park Rd,Chesterfield, VA 23832


Team captains can check-in to the race at the HQ Tent on Thursday anytime after the venue opens to teams OR on Friday two hours before their teams' assigned start time. Captains should know their team number ahead of time, and have that number handy to provide to volunteers during check-in. Upon check-in, the team captain will receive the team bib (also the timing chip), a bib-belt, volunteer shift reminder w/ instructions, confirmation of the team division/classification, shirt tickets for each runner on the team’s roster, Friday night dinner tickets for each runner on the team’s roster, a trash and recycle liner to be used at the team’s campsite, and some other goodies. Teams will not be allowed to change their division/classification after they complete the check-in process.

Trail Running Gear and Camping Gear
Trail running is different than road running and thus the gear needed changes. Check out a list of essential trail running and camping gear for the event on the race webpage in the Updates and Training sections.
Headlamp – Every person (runner, friends, family, crew, etc) at the race should have a good headlamp. We recommend one with 70 lumens or more. Water Container – Every runner should run with a water container of some sort. Some of the loops will have water stations but all will be CUPLESS WATERSTATIONS.

When you’re not running, you’ll be partying with your team and other runners at Ragnar Village - think campfire stories, s’mores, live music, round the clock food vendors (no joke) and even time to roll out those sore legs.

Regular Team Volunteer Requirements:
Each Regular Team Must Provide One Volunteer (Ultra teams don’t have to provide a volunteer)
Each regular team is required to fill one volunteer shift. Volunteer shifts will be 3 hours in length, so runners will be able to fulfill a volunteer shift in between running their loops, if they so desire. Teams can also have a non-runner volunteer for their team or pay $120 for a volunteer to be recruited by Ragnar through a local non-profit. The person who signs up for the volunteer shift is not the one who has to show up to work the volunteer shift, as long as someone volunteers for the shift on behalf of your team (meaning you can change volunteers right before the shift). Failure to fulfill volunteer requirements will result in disqualification. Ultra teams are not required to provide a volunteer. Volunteer shift sign-up will open up approximately one month before the race (See Section 3 for information on dates and deadlines).

The following are prerequisites for volunteers:
 Be at least 16 years old
 Sign a waiver – either online or at volunteer check-in. See section 9D for minor waiver requirements.
 Wear a reflective vest (provided by Ragnar) while at their assigned location
 Be physically able to perform their assigned duties
 Be willing to fulfill their entire shift at an assigned location
 Provide their own food and drink during shift

Ultra Team Volunteer Requirements –

Ultra teams don’t have to provide a volunteer Pay for volunteers in lieu of provide a volunteer, teams have the option of paying $120 for Ragnar to recruit volunteers through a local nonprofit. Ragnar’s partner charity(s) will receive a donation when they provide a volunteer for your team. Team captains can pay for a volunteer online on their team captain’s page before the Pay for Volunteer Deadline (see Section 3 of dates and deadlines). Team’s can pay for volunteers onsite on race day upon check-in at the HQ Tent.

Amenities – Food, Showers, Activities:
Food – Although every race is different, we provide a Friday night dinner to each runner and strive to have great meal options for purchase for all other meals during the event. Check out the Village section of the race webpage and the race specific Runner Packet for all of the details on food. We recommend that you also bring team food. Treat it just like a camping trip with 7 friends. And please note, Ragnar strives to provide vegetarian options at all meals but other food preferences (gluten-free, vegan, etc) are not always available. Please consider bringing your own food if you have specific dietary requirements.

Do I run the whole thing by myself? No. Ragnar is about doing something together you could never do alone. Teams of up to 12 run relay style from the start to end. On Trail, the race has three loops. You’ll tag team it. Runner one will run the first loop and you’ll meet them at the first handoff point. Then, Runner 2 will take over, and so-on-so-forth until everyone has run three loops.

Do I run the whole thing by myself? There are two types of teams at a Ragnar: crazy and crazier. Or, more commonly known as a regular team ( 8 people for Trail) and an ultra team (3 for Trail). Each team type can register different divisions such as all women or all men teams, military, corporate, CrossFit, etc.

How many miles do you run as part of a team? Ragnarians will run anywhere from 12 to 25 miles (or double that on an ultra-team) divided into three sections. The exact mileage varies by race. Visit the event page, scroll down to the map, and click the down arrow next to “runner distances” to view your mileage.

How do you know where to go? If Dorthy and her Oz crew were to write a song about Ragnar, it would go something like “Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the bright blue signs.” Throughout the 200-mile course are reflective signs attached to bright orange cones or posts. When running, you’ll do the touch-and-turn method. So, you’ll run up to the sign, touch it, and then head in the direction it points. You also have the option of bringing along your phone with the downloaded Ragnar App, including a map of the course and that blinking blue dot that tells you where you’re at in comparison to where you’re supposed to be.

Do I have to be fast? Anyone can run a Ragnar, as long as you train. We require that teams have an overall pace of 11 min/ mile. This means that you can balance your paces throughout your team. (For example, if one person on your team runs a 14 min/ mile pace, have someone that runs a 8 min/mile pace so that you have an overall pace of 11 min/ mile.) The most important thing is that every team that starts is allowed to finish. If you’re running behind schedule, Ragnar Staff or the “Race Command” will work with you so that you finish before the cutoff.

Do you have to run at night? Typically yes. Ragnar are overnight running relay races that take on average 24-36 hours to complete. Most runners will have at least one run that’s at night, in the dark. But depending on the time of year, and daylight savings it is possible that you might not run in the dark. You’ll don your safety vest, headlamp and head off into the dark. And despite your initial fear of bears, you may find, like many others, that the night run is the best part of a Ragnar Relay. It’s a time to bask in peace and quiet, to gaze at the stars and run a little faster than you normally do. If you’re still nervous, you have the option to bring along a pacer or your phone. Next thing you know, you’ll be addicted to runs in the dark.

Meet the organiser

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The idea to run an overnight 24+ hour running relay across the mountains of Utah was a lifelong dream of Steve Hill. The dream became a reality in 2004 when Steve, his son Dan and Dan’s college roommate, Tanner Bell, organized the first Wasatch Back Relay, spanning 188 miles from Logan to Park City, UT. Starting small, the Ragnar Relay Series has grown from a single relay in Utah to the largest overnight relay series in the nation. Some call it a movement. We call it Ragnar.


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