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Ragnar Trail Florida

Run 123.2mi
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  1. 125 Mile Relay

    Run 123.2mi
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Ragnar Trail Florida route

The course involves a series of 3 loops. Total Course Mileage = 15.40 Miles. For full details, please visit:

Green Loop – Sand Pine Trail (Easy):

Distance: 5.50 miles
Elevation Gain: 175.62 feet

The first few miles of this loop pass through the park’s horse trails. A good warmup for the loops to come, you’ll run across gentle rolling open grassy field and through groves of tall pines. At mile 3.5 a left turn will take you to a different planet. The ribbon of white sand trail snakes through a sea of needle palms and moss covered trees. It is spectacular. Pick your jaw up and run. This section is super-fast but don’t cut any corners because, well, they are named needle palms for a reason. Near mile 5 you join with the Yellow and Red Loops and run in together to the cheers of the Village.

Yellow Loop – Rock Garden Trail (Intermediate):

Distance: 4.30 miles
Elevation Gain: 272.42 feet

The Yellow Loop runs through the park’s amazing mountain bike trails. Located on what was once a phosphate mining site, the unique topography of the reclaimed land offers some of Florida's most radical elevation changes. The mined areas filled with emerald green pools and a jungle grew up around the pools. It is almost as if someone tried to create the coolest jungle landscape imaginable. And succeeded. This loop leaves the village with the Red Loop as the trail twists and turns through a dense jungle. At mile 1.3 you split apart from the Red Loop. And then…Up, Up, down, down, left, right, left, right…just like old school. Up and over hills, twisting and turning along the edge of pools, and crossing over bridges. Like a real life video game for trail runners. You may not want this level to end.

Red Loop – Magic Island Trail (Hard):

Distance: 5.60 miles
Elevation Gain: 395.14 feet

Do you like rollercoasters? We do, and so it’s no surprise we love this loop. It starts out leaving the Village with the Yellow Loop running through the jungle on single-track for just over a mile. Now take a deep breath and put your hands up. Near mile 2.5 this loop takes a turn for the wicked in sections of trail appropriately named magic island and twisted sister. You might discover perpetual motion and feel the effects of G-Force as the trail dives and climbs, twists and turns, and swoops and soars. It might take a minute to regain your land legs once you return to the Transition Tent but you will not soon forget the Magic Island Trail.

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Ragnar Village and all its amenities



Standard Team:

The classic Ragnar Trail experience – a full team of 8 runners conquering breathtaking (literally) trails and hanging at Ragnar Village. Sleep not included.

Ultra Team:

For an even more challenging experience, four runners take on the whole course. So get ready for extra mileage, two servings of s'mores, and even less sleep.

High School Team:

Available to actual high schoolers only. Immature grown-ups don't qualify. Don't worry, your track coach can help set up your tent, if you ask nicely.

Please refer to the Trail Guide for up-to-date and detailed information, available at:


Race Start Date: December 06 2019

Race End Date: December 07 2019

Registration Opens: January 01 2019

Registration Closes: October 29 2019

Ragnar Village:

This is the heart and soul of the event. Each trail begins and ends in Ragnar Village. It is the start line, the finish line, and the exchange point. After each loop you will return to the support of your teammates and the adulation of the teams around you. Ragnar Village will be complete with:


Food & snacks (Friday night dinner is included for each runner)



Billions of stars

Team Campsite:

Ragnar Village at Alafia is located 0.65 miles north of the Alafia River State Park main entrance, just off of Hwy 39. Each team will select a location to set up their team campsite in the Ragnar Village. Camping is FREE to runners, family, friends, and crew on Thursday and Friday nights. Awards will be given for the best-decorated team campsite and almost anything goes: tents, canopies, couches, camping chairs, BBQ's, kiddie pools full of Kool-Aid – whatever you’d like to bring along but please be environmentally responsible.

We love to partner with local community groups in the areas we run through. We have 36 exchange points along our course plus water stations and sometimes crossing assistants or course directional locations that all need volunteers. In exchange for your service we will make a donation to your group! More details at:

Meet the organiser

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The idea to run an overnight 24+ hour running relay across the mountains of Utah was a lifelong dream of Steve Hill. The dream became a reality in 2004 when Steve, his son Dan and Dan’s college roommate, Tanner Bell, organized the first Wasatch Back Relay, spanning 188 miles from Logan to Park City, UT. Starting small, the Ragnar Relay Series has grown from a single relay in Utah to the largest overnight relay series in the nation. Some call it a movement. We call it Ragnar.


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