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Rugged Maniac New York City

Event details
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You arrive at Aviator Sports on June 22nd with a carload of your most adventurous friends. As you step out you notice the people around you admiring your group’s coordinated “Avengers-in-bathing-suits” costumes and your on-point Hulk-green body paint. In the festival, people are already riding the mechanical bull and playing beach volleyball (Rugged Maniac is definitely more than just a mud run), but you’re more interested in the stein-hoisting contest on the main stage. You make a note to sign up for that and the pie-eating contest after you run. You see obstacles in the distance – mud-covered people bouncing on trampolines, rocketing down a huge water slide, and climbing massive nets – and your surging excitement confirms what you already knew: Today is going to be awesome!

How to enter the Rugged Maniac New York City

  1. 9 00 AM ELITE HEAT

    Run 5km
  2. 9 15 AM

    Run 5km
  3. 9 30 AM

    Run 5km
  4. 9 45 AM

    Run 5km
  5. 10 00 AM

    Run 5km
  6. 10 15 AM

    Run 5km
  7. 10 30 AM

    Run 5km
  8. 10 45 AM

    Run 5km
  9. 11 00 AM

    Run 5km
  10. 11 15 AM

    Run 5km
  11. 11 30 AM

    Run 5km
  12. 11 45 AM

    Run 5km
  13. 12 00 PM

    Run 5km
  14. 12 15 PM

    Run 5km
  15. 12 30 PM

    Run 5km
  16. 12 45 PM

    Run 5km
  17. 1 00 PM

    Run 5km
  18. 1 15 PM

    Run 5km
  19. 1 30 PM

    Run 5km
  20. 1 45 PM

    Run 5km
  21. 2 00 PM

    Run 5km

Event Details

What’s Included

Must show valid military ID at check-in.

Must present a valid college ID at check-in. High school students don’t need an ID.

What You Get:

  • Racer Medal
  • Free Photos
  • T-Shirt
  • One Free Beer
Raceday Logistics

ID & Waiver:

If you’re 18 and over*, you need to bring a photo ID to verify your age, but you DO NOT need to bring a copy of your signed waiver. You’ll sign the waiver at the Check-In Tent before you run. If you’re under 18*, you need to bring a copy of the waiver located on the event page signed by your parent or legal guardian. If you forget it, your parent can still sign a waiver for you at the race.

Race Bib:

Each racer gets a race bib which must be worn on the front of his/her body (shirt or shorts). The bib serves three purposes: (1) It lets our security know that you’re a paid runner, (2) you can enter your bib number into the designated website after the race to find any pictures and download for FREE, and (3) items at the bag check are organized by bib number, so you must have it in order to retrieve your bags. We do not keep records of who gets which bib, so be sure to have your number in order to retrieve your bags at the bag check and find your photos.


Many of our obstacles use tarps to hold water, and some of our obstacles are inflatable. Cleats will puncture holes in both and force the obstacles to be completely shut down for the remainder of the event, ruining the experience for everyone. If you want the best traction, pick up some trail running shoes. Literally every shoe company makes them, they’re not expensive, and they’re a heck of a lot more comfortable than cleats!

Merchandise, food, and beer are all available for purchase, so bring plenty of cash.

Racer Refreshments:

There will be two water stations for racers throughout the course and again at the finish line, where we’ll also have oranges and bananas to help you replenish your energy! You can bring your own bottles of water, but no outside alcoholic beverages or coolers are allowed into the venue.

Transferring Registrations:

You can transfer your registration to someone else on race day for $10. If you can’t make it to the event, but have a friend who would like to run in your spot, simply follow the steps:
1. Give your friend a copy of your ID (print or digital).
2. Have him/her check-in at the “Tickets and Troubleshooting”
table at the end of the Check-In Tent using your ID.
3. They should also have their own ID ready if they are of legal
drinking age. There they will pay $10, fill out basic information
and receive their bib, wristbands and t-shirt.

Inclement Weather:

The race will not be canceled for rain! This is Rugged Maniac, not a tea party at the retirement home. If there’s lightning, we’ll delay waves until it passes. When the race resumes, waves will go off at 10-minute intervals until the race is back on schedule. If there’s severe weather that prevents the event from being held at all on Saturday, it’ll be moved to Sunday.

Changing Start Times:

You can change your start time on the day of the race for a fee of $10 to one that isn’t sold out at the “Tickets and Troubleshooting” table in the Check-In Tent.

Decide What To Wear:

If you want to keep the clothes and shoes you wear during the race, be sure to wear items that are easily cleaned and tight fitting to avoid snagging on the barbed wire. Think spandex pants and tops or board shorts and quick-dry shirts for guys. You might want to wear long sleeves and pants or compression sleeves/socks to protect your forearms and shins during the crawls. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes AND SHOES! Walking barefoot back to your car will not be fun.

Rugged Maniac New York City weather forecast

Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Predicted highs
Predicted lows
IconLight breeze possible, up to 7mph

Meet the organiser

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Remember when you were a kid and you used to run around outside with your friends climbing trees, jumping in puddles, playing tag, and just plain having fun? Well Rugged Maniac is simply an adult version of that! We build 25+ epic obstacles for you and your friends to play on (like fire jumps, water slides, trampolines, and underground tunnels), put them in a 3-mile course, and then throw a crazy party with plenty of beer and music!



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