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Run, Hike, or Pedal for Parks!

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  • Wed 1st Jul - Thu 1st Oct 2020
Results may be submitted anytime through Thu 1st Oct 2020 3:59 AM
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This event is popular

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Take the Bicycle Sundays Challenge and #StandUpForParks with us this summer!

Sign up for a run, hike, or bike challenge and track your progress towards your goal. Ride, run and hike in any of Westchester's beautiful parks, or anywhere else you like. Our virtual challenge allows you to achieve your goal in one day or a little at a time - and always at your own pace.

In the month of September, join us on one of the Bicycle Sundays (date to be announced – late September) when participants can gather with us to get their Parkster prizes for completing the challenge and helping us fundraise to #StandUpForParks!

This is a great program for kids and adults of all ages and ability levels. It's also a great way to team up with the Westchester Parks Foundation - a not for profit foundation that works with the Westchester Parks Department to run great parks-based programs and enhance our county's beautiful parks through investment, volunteerism and more!

Join as we #StandUpForParks this summer and support your favorite programs, parks, trails, and open spaces here in Westchester!

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Seth Mandelbaum ·M / 45 - 49
8 hours ago
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Seth Mandelbaum
26.2 mile Bicycle Sundays Challenge Run!
M 45 - 49
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8 hours ago
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How to enter the Run, Hike, or Pedal for Parks!

Once you book the event, you'll need to upload your results during the event time window.

  1. 13.1 Mile Run

    Run 13.1mi
    Book Now
  2. 13.1 Mile Cycle

    Bike 13.1mi
    Book Now
  3. 13.1 Mile Hike

    Hike 13.1mi
    Book Now
  4. 26.2 mile Bicycle Sundays Challenge Run!

    Run 26.2mi
    Book Now
  5. 100 mile Bicycle Sundays Challenge

    Bike 100mi
    Book Now
  6. 26.2 mile Bicycle Sundays Challenge Hike!

    Hike 26.2mi
    Book Now

How to complete the total distance

Complete the total distance anywhere you like, in as many sections as you like.

Simply record your activities and submit your results as you go. Each time you submit a result, the distance you've done will be added to your overall total distance.


Preparing your virtual event

  • Secure your virtual spot in the event by booking your ticket
  • Download a distance tracking app
  • Before heading out for each activity, ensure your phone and/or GPS watch is fully charged, and make sure you have a safe route planned.

During your event

  • Record your activity on a tracker and take a screenshot
    This can be either a phone or a GPS watch.
  • Complete your activity in the designated event completion timeframe
  • Take a photo to share with your fellow participants

Submitting your result

  • Head back to this event page to submit your results
  • Upload a screenshot of your activity tracker or GPS watch to verify your results
    You can still participate and submit results without this, but we won't be able to verify your results.
  • Provide the distance and time you completed
    Every time you submit a result, the distance will get added to your total distance for the challenge.
  • Share your photo and celebrate your progress with the community

Frequently asked questions

How do I record my activity?
To record your activity, you will need to download an activity tracking app that is able to track your distance and time. Popular apps include Strava, Nike Run Club, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper, and are available in the app store for free on your phone. For more details on our favourite tracking apps check out our blog post.
Can I go further than the race distance?
Yes, you can complete a distance further than what the event requires. All you need to do is input distance travelled and time, and we will adjust it down to the time it took to complete the event distance.
Have a question about this event? Ask our team member below and we'll get back to you. In the meantime, visit our Help Center

For more advice about virtual events, see our Virtual Event Handbook here.

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