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10k Runs

10k (or 6.2 miles) is a great distance for running, and these events are some of the most popular in the USA. The 10k distance is a healthy challenge for new runners, and a few events will build up serious fitness. Set yourself the challenge of running an event in under an hour for a decent time and a good workout. Running 10km in 60 minutes would burn about 600 calories. For seasoned athletes, the 10k is a perfect distance to keep fit and boost your pace, without completely exhausting yourself. If you're training towards a fast half-marathon or marathon event, you might set yourself the challenge of running 10k in under 40 minutes. There are hundreds of 10k events in the USA running calendar, and they are often part of big city running festivals, so there is bound to be a great atmosphere cheering you on to a new PB. Other events take you past famous landmarks or through stunning landscapes.

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About 10k events in the United States

The 10k (6.2 miles) is a step up from the 5k but can still be a great challenge for beginners and those looking to stretch their miles. You'll often get a choice between 5k or 10k at larger events, with some running festivals like the Twin Cities Marathon and Gasparilla Distance Classic also hosting 10k races. This is great for bringing family and friends of different running abilities; you can all enjoy the day and compare medals at the end.

What are the best 10k events?

There are many great events throughout the US and throughout the year. The Cooper River Bridge Run, Across the Bay 12k, Crescent City Classic 10k and Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k will take you past some stunning scenery and famous landmarks. Many of these famous events will have limited ticket availability, expect competition for places from people all over the world, so we'd recommend a fastest-finger-first approach when the tickets come out. If you'd prefer something smaller, check out our list of upcoming 10k runs near you.

How long will it take to run 10k?

The men's and women's world records (for road racing) stand at 26:44 and 29:43 minutes respectively, held by Leonard Patrick Komon and Joyciline Jepkosgei (who also holds the record for the women's half marathon). Obviously, these are the professionals, so if you regularly run 5-10k a week, you could expect to finish in around 1 hour.

For newbies, who might expect to take a little longer, it's worth being aware that some events have a cut off time. BolderBoulder has a particulalry short cut off time, of little more than 2h15m, so be sure to check for each race you enter.

How do you train for a 10k race?

How hard you come out of the blocks in training will depend on your goals, which should be set in accordance with your running experience and current fitness levels. Check out our 6 weeks to 10k training plan which will help you choose your starting point and guide you through to race day. Following a plan helps to minimise the risk of injury, while giving you the best chance to smash your PB, even if you're already crunching those miles on a regular basis. Ready to take on a bigger challenge? Check out our half marathon and marathon event calendars.

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