The Bridge Events

The Marathon starts at 8 pm Saturday evening. If you finish by Midnight you will receive a special finisher top saying I beat the Midnight Marathon. All finishers will also receive a bespoke Finishers Medal.

The feedback from last years race was amazing 100% on Runners world web site

Dont worry there is not a cut of time.

Due to the heat, we will have 2 water stations on the run lap.

The start list is now on the web site above along with the race brief.

Midnight Marathon


Midnight Marathon

The 2018 Dartford Bridge 10k and 2k Fun run will take place on the 30th September.

The race 10k will start at 10am. The 2k fun run will start at 11.30

The race start is about 200m from registration. There will be a short race brief at 9.45pm then you will be called to the start

We need to cross 4 roads on each lap. There will be marshals to help you cross. Please obey them at all times. Sorry but Head phones are not allowed due to safety reasons.

Dartford Bridge 10K


Dartford Bridge 10K

The event will take place in Kent on the 7th of October 2018. It is a Duathlon consisting of a 5K Run, 23km Cycling and 5K Run again.

2 Fast 2 Furious


2 Fast 2 Furious

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