Utiliv Adventure Festival

Marooned in the North Atlantic ocean, 100km south of Iceland, lies the Faroe Islands. A jigsaw of 18 islands, which will form the backdrop for the tilv Adventure Festival - a weekend of trail running, music, and parties.

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The Ultra Trail of Faroe is a 65km ultra-marathon in the Faroe Islands. Race across jagged ridges and rolling green mountains in the Faroe Islands first international ultra marathon. This ultra-trail of Faroe Islands will start in the rural settlement of Leynar and finish in the grass roofed town of Tjrnuvk, on the islands of Streymoy.

The first ever running, adventure & music-based festival to be held on the Faroe Islands, this invigorating adventure combines high-octane activities such as trail running, rock climbing, kayaking and mountaineering with an exquisitely remote setting. Marooned in the North Atlantic ocean in between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands provide a dramatic backdrop to the exhilarating trail races of Utiliv Adventure Festival.

Ultra Trail Faroe Islands

Streymoy, FO
Ultra Trail Faroe Islands

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