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Super Sprint Triathlons

The Super-Sprint distance, sometimes called the Mini Triathlon, is a multisport event, consisting of a 400m swim, a 10km bike, and a 2.5km run. It is the shortest standard triathlon distance, and is most popular with those who are new to the multidiscipline format of triathlon or for children wanting keep energised. It is a great way of understanding what race day is like, practising transitions, and having a fun time while doing it. Super-Sprints are often part of bigger triathlon events, where longer distances are on offer, so it is also an opportunity for friends and family to get involved rather than just spectating. Another exciting option is joining a super-sprint relay team: these fast-paced events are a great activity to do with a group of friends or you can compete as a family. These races always mix competitive spirit with an entertaining, friendly atmosphere. Many of these events hold the swim section indoors, so they can be held throughout the year. This makes it a great way for regular triathletes to stay sharp during the off-season.

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  • 26JUN2021

    Cardiff Triathlon

    29.5 mi • 16.4 mi • 14.9 mi • 7.6 mi
    £66.95 – £94.95C-19 Plan
  • 10SEP2021

    Blenheim Palace Triathlon

    TriathlonBlenheim Palace Grounds
    16.1 mi • 10.3 mi • 10.2 mi
    C-19 Plan
  • 24JUL2021

    Triathlon Team Relays Bedford

    Super SprintBedford
    16.0 mi
    £162 – £177C-19 Plan
  • 15MAY2021

    Exmouth Triathlon

    15.8 mi • 8.0 mi • 5.4 mi • 3.5 mi • 2.3 mi • 1.1 mi
    £18 – £45C-19 Plan
  • 25SEP2021

    Dawlish Triathlon

    TriathlonDawlish Warren
    18.5 mi • 13.2 mi
    £34 – £49C-19 Plan
  • 15MAY2021

    Bridport Triathlon

    19.9 mi • 18.9 mi • 18.3 mi • 17.1 mi • 3.5 mi • 2.8 mi • 1.7 mi
    Free – £60C-19 Plan
  • 20AUG2021

    South Coast Triathlon

    32.0 mi • 16.0 mi • 7.9 mi
    £64.95 – £94.95C-19 Plan
  • 31JUL2021

    York Triathlon

    14.5 mi • 7.3 mi
    £59.95 – £74.95C-19 Plan
  • 26JUN2021

    West Bay Triathlon

    Multi-SportWest Bay
    35.1 mi • 24.5 mi • 19.8 mi • 13.5 mi
    £25 – £60C-19 Plan
  • 7MAY2021

    Beyond Cotswold Triathlon

    35.5 mi • 22.1 mi • 11.6 mi
    C-19 Plan
  • 14MAY2021

    The ROC - Spring

    Super SprintAbersoch
    78.6 mi
    £180 – £195C-19 Plan
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About Super-Sprint Triathlons in the UK

The Super-Sprint (or Mini Triathlon) is the shortest format recognised by the ITU. It's a great entry level event and they can be completed with very little training. As standard, Super-Sprint Triathlons start with a 400m swim, followed by a 10k bike ride and 2.5k run. These races are often seen as catalysts for athletes to graduate to longer form contests. For example, the Outlaw Triathlon (Full Distance) has its own Mini Triathlon called Future Outlaw, with the aim of inspiring and building a roadmap for newbies to go long.

As for all triathlons, you’ll need equipment to compete, much of this is common sense but make sure to read up on any specific race requirements your event may have. A wet suit is one to watch out for. See our blog post on the essential items for any triathlon have you prepared for any race.

What are the best Super-Sprint Triathlons?

These events are designed to let you try out the discipline and have a little fun. The stand out events in the Super-Sprint calendar are often a part of a larger triathlons, aiming to allow participants to get a feel for the atmosphere of the big name races.

What is the average time to complete a super-sprint triathlon?

A well practiced amateur competitor would expect to finish in under an hour. Anywhere around that mark can be considered a solid time.

How long should I train for a super-sprint triathlon?

Most people with a decent base level of fitness should not struggle to finish with any of the distances in here with little specific training. However, if you want to post a good time then training will always help. If you’ve already been training regularly in any of the disciplines then you might want to start out by trying a Sprint Triathlon instead.

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